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  1. W

    Washing Machine Drains > Water comes up out of sink

    I thought I had fixed the issue by adding an additional air intake to the line but the other day the tenant drained the washer and then water was pouring out of the sink/drain, I'm wondering if it's because there may be a clog where the new pvc wastlines from the kitchen, meet an existing 2"...
  2. S

    Bathroom sink connected to an opposing double kitchen sink, not draining: vacuumed, snaked, plunged.

    The title pretty much says it all. I've got a bathroom sink that wouldn't drain. After working on it for a bit I realized it's connected to a double kitchen sink on the other side of the wall. I've suck 'em both with the wet/dry vac, I've plugged and plunged 'til I was blue in the face (and...
  3. Spicoli

    How to remove aerator?

    My sinks aerator does not have notches for those key removal tools. I've tried turning it using a paper clip in the holes but it won't budge either way. And tried prying it out with flat head screwdriver and hook pry tool. And the spout won't remove as it is built into the main body. It is...
  4. C

    Need Help with bathroom sink

    I just recently bought a house and have had a ton of plumbing issues. This new one is a leak under the bathroom sink. I figured it would be easy enough to fix. However, it appears the reason it was leaking is because the drain (sorry I don’t know the terms) that attaches to the sink was slightly...
  5. S

    Troubleshooting Sink/Shower

    I have a bathroom with slow draining sink and shower. Toilet works fine. Sink does not have overflow opening. I've snaked sink with no results. Professional plumber snaked again, dis-assembled trap, re-assembled and noticed multiple small bubbles coming from sink grate as it drained. His...
  6. M

    Basement Bathroom sink rough in, where to tie in the sink?

    Hi all, Not new to reading the forum, but new to posting. We are finishing our basement, and are now onto the bathroom plumbing. The shower drain and toilet drain have been roughed in underneath our foundation, but the sink is not, leaving us to best decide where to tie the sink drain in. Below...
  7. T

    Did I mention I have no idea what I'm doing?

    Hi Folks. So I got involved in replacing a bathroom sink faucet and so far it's been a royal PITA! The homeowner originally tried to remove the old hardware and stripped the brass under the sink to the point that I had to dremel out one of the pieces from the top. Did I mention I'm not a...
  8. Jonah Richard

    Help identifying what electric sink component does

    Looking for some help in telling me what this piece of equipment does underneath the sink. Looks like it is attached to an electrical outlet so my assumption is that it either regulates flow or heat. Any thoughts?
  9. E

    Removing a bathroom sink

    Hi - This is my first post here and it may be a dumb one, but I wanted to be sure as I've never done this before. I'm having a custom vanity built and it will be ready to install soon. Before it can be installed, I need to remove the old sink and vanity to make space for it. The question I...
  10. D

    How to properly add air vent to bathroom pop up drain

    Pop up drain bathroom sink by David s posted Apr 29, 2018 at 9:00 AM How to i properly add an air vent for my bathroom sink. Water fills up, the lines cleaned up, my whole sewer lines new, and its pretty obvious that pressure is building up at P trap due to lack of air vent
  11. C

    Cannot Find Cartridge for Bathroom Faucet

    Hi all, Bought a house in 2016 and have a leaky faucet. Plumber told me the cartridge needs replacing. It is a relatively new sink but I cannot find model numbers anywhere. I will try to contact the sellers to see if they have a clue where they bought it but they were not very friendly/helpful...