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  1. W

    Help identifying this?

    Hi, so i’ve had a leak in my sink faucet for a little now. I finally have the drive to fix the issue but cannot seem to find this hose? Local hardward store isnt open till 6a tomorrow but I just want to be a little prepared. I read a few fourms about this specific faucet having this issue (or...
  2. S

    Weird sink bolt

    Hey, a couple months back, honestly probably a year now i went to change my kitchen sink, but when i went under to unscrew and unbolt it i noticed this weird "bolt" i guess that ive never seen before. And i couldnt get it off. As it wasnt such an issue i decided to hold off on the sink...
  3. C

    Sink plumbing question

    Hello experts.. Can some one tell what is this installed under kitchen sink. Image is attached. I have cold water and hot water. Why does it have 2 outer pipe connections into one? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. R

    What is this drainage pipe under kitchen sink that leads outside?

    I've known about a 1/2" pvc pipe leading out of my house since I moved 18 months ago. I assumed it was drainage for AC condensation in the attic until it was still running even when AC isn't on. It caused a leak because it wasn't angled enough (imagine slowly pouring a glass of water so it runs...
  5. B

    Double Kitchen Sink Backing Up on Disposal Side

    Hello. I would like to tap into the community's expertise. My issue is this: It seems my wife poured a considerable quantity of rice down the disposal. Afterwards just the disposal side started to back up. If you run the disposal, it empties but backs up on the other side. I removed all the PVC...
  6. P

    Bathroom faucet smells like rotten eggs.

    Hello, I am using city water and my bathroom sink faucet smells like rotten eggs. All the other faucets in the house smell fine. It is just this one faucet. thanks! Phil
  7. J

    Dirt/soil below kitchen cabinet, plumbing from kitchen going straight into the soil - Help!

    Hi everyone, I just purchased a condo and there was a bad smell coming from the kitchen. I ended up tracing it to the kitchen cabinet, and there is a hole cut in the wood; inside, dirt/soil, which looks that it goes along the wall below other cabinets. The smell coming from it is strong, and...
  8. S

    Utility Sink Faucet Replacement - Pipe Issues

    I need to change out the faucet setup on our Utility Sink in the laundry room. Its a Porcelain Sink that sits up against the wall. The problem is that the hot and cold water pipes run directly across the wall in the room and up to the current faucet setup on the back of the sink. Since the...
  9. W

    Leaking waste arm on bathroom sink

    I had to remove the trap on my bathroom sink, and now I cannot it get it to not leak. The trap and nuts are metal, while the waste arm is some kind of black plastic. Rather than using a washer, the trap arm has a beveled or tapered end that interfaces directly with the trap. I went ahead and...
  10. R

    Help Identify this supply line connector

    Hi everyone. I’m hoping someone can help me identify what the following connector is called. It goes to a bath sink and connects from the widespread handle stem to the center faucet stem. This connector connects to the handle stem. Hoping to find a replacement.
  11. alxbz1

    Need advice slime in toilet tank & build up on sinks.

    Hello! Just some background I live In a Tiny House which is setup like an RV with a RV hose, on someones property/ well water. I have avoided showering/bathing because of the water and taste ( when brushing my teeth), Originally I thought it was hard water but after getting quotes for possible...
  12. tjt23

    Search Terms - Sink Aerator/Outlet Adapter for Two

    Hello, I'm hoping this is a simple question/answer as far as the terminology I should be searching for on Home Depot/Lowes/Amazon/etc. I want to find an attachment for my kitchen sink that would essentially allow for two separate aerators/valves to be attached simultaneously, and I can switch...
  13. CorvairJimbo

    Richmond Wall Bathroom Sink circa 1964, need to replace hot and cold faucets

    Attached is a picture of what I'm dealing with. How do I get parts for this? What is involved in replacing it? I had a plumber look at it, but he didn't want to touch it and said it might require vintage parts. House was built in 1964 so this is likely from around that time period. I love the...
  14. J

    Need help with kitchen sink plumbing

    Just did my countertops and had new double sink installed. The new sink drains are not centered as before, but offset. The installers took out the old one before I could take a picture of setup. The old setup had the garbage disposal installed on the left side. With the plumbing that is in place...
  15. J

    New sink drain not lining up with P trap

    Just had a new sink installed in my bathroom and the drain hole on this new sink is centered compared to my old sink which was off center and further back. When I look underneath the sink the P trap is now sitting about 5" farther back and slightly to the left side from where the sink hole is...
  16. J

    Draining sink & washer to same standpipe?

    All, thanks in advance for the help. I’d like to add a utility sink near my washer. Currently there is one standpipe, shown in the picture and it does not vent through the roof, also no trap. Is it a big deal to drain both a sink and washer into the pipe? I planned to expand left [pic] for the...
  17. J

    Is a pump needed under the sink?

    Currently doing a small kitchen reno. Will a water trap system under the sink work properly without a water pump?
  18. H

    Need advice on moving my kitchen sink water source

    Need some advice. I'm a DIY handyman-type (taught myself drywall, tiling, etc.) but have never done any sort of plumbing install. I am updating my kitchen cabinets. I am replacing a 36" wide double sink with a 24" wide fireclay sink (wife's choice so changing that is not an option.) The issue...
  19. W

    Kitchen Sink Issues

    Help! so i have a 1957 Ranch house which is bound to have some degree of issues, and right now it is my kitchen sink. The issues seem to have come out of nowhere. I've never had any issues with drainage and would like to fix it myself if at all possible. I have a garbage disposal on the left and...
  20. B

    Double Vanity Sink Gurgling

    Double Vanity Sink Gurgling Issue: Double vanity sink gurgling and not draining properly. Background: I live in a town home and in our master bathroom we have double vanity sinks. A few weeks ago I noticed the right sink wasn't draining so I cleaned out the p trap. There was white gunk that...