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  1. CorvairJimbo

    Richmond Wall Bathroom Sink circa 1964, need to replace hot and cold faucets

    Attached is a picture of what I'm dealing with. How do I get parts for this? What is involved in replacing it? I had a plumber look at it, but he didn't want to touch it and said it might require vintage parts. House was built in 1964 so this is likely from around that time period. I love the...
  2. J

    Need help with kitchen sink plumbing

    Just did my countertops and had new double sink installed. The new sink drains are not centered as before, but offset. The installers took out the old one before I could take a picture of setup. The old setup had the garbage disposal installed on the left side. With the plumbing that is in place...
  3. J

    New sink drain not lining up with P trap

    Just had a new sink installed in my bathroom and the drain hole on this new sink is centered compared to my old sink which was off center and further back. When I look underneath the sink the P trap is now sitting about 5" farther back and slightly to the left side from where the sink hole is...
  4. J

    Draining sink & washer to same standpipe?

    All, thanks in advance for the help. I’d like to add a utility sink near my washer. Currently there is one standpipe, shown in the picture and it does not vent through the roof, also no trap. Is it a big deal to drain both a sink and washer into the pipe? I planned to expand left [pic] for the...
  5. J

    Is a pump needed under the sink?

    Currently doing a small kitchen reno. Will a water trap system under the sink work properly without a water pump?
  6. H

    Need advice on moving my kitchen sink water source

    Need some advice. I'm a DIY handyman-type (taught myself drywall, tiling, etc.) but have never done any sort of plumbing install. I am updating my kitchen cabinets. I am replacing a 36" wide double sink with a 24" wide fireclay sink (wife's choice so changing that is not an option.) The issue...
  7. W

    Kitchen Sink Issues

    Help! so i have a 1957 Ranch house which is bound to have some degree of issues, and right now it is my kitchen sink. The issues seem to have come out of nowhere. I've never had any issues with drainage and would like to fix it myself if at all possible. I have a garbage disposal on the left and...
  8. B

    Double Vanity Sink Gurgling

    Double Vanity Sink Gurgling Issue: Double vanity sink gurgling and not draining properly. Background: I live in a town home and in our master bathroom we have double vanity sinks. A few weeks ago I noticed the right sink wasn't draining so I cleaned out the p trap. There was white gunk that...
  9. Torin

    Reasonable labor cost for sink, pipes, disposal, and faucet?

    Hi, We live in Arizona (not sure if that matters) and we are remodeling our kitchen. We're having new countertops put in with a new undermount sink provided by the fabricator. The fabricator installs the sink basin of course and we are responsible for everything else. Given the age and poor...
  10. L

    Bathroom Remodel

    Hey everyone! Tell me what you did with your bathrooms. We're remodeling ours and need ideas. Thanks!
  11. B

    What type of spray hose connection is this?

    Hello, I'm looking to remove our kitchen house sprayer from it's feed, and place a brass flare cap over it. But what kind of connection is in this picture? It's hard to get to so I want to know just how to remove it once I'm ready. And does it look like I'd be able to place a cap on it? Thank you
  12. J

    Installing new bathroom sink odd set-up

    23202C26-704C-4C1A-8A01-7CE172F055A1 by Jean posted May 21, 2019 at 7:03 PM Hello, I am looking for some advice about installing a new bathroom single sink. We did some remodeling and our contractor roughed in a bathroom for us in our basement. They weren’t able to finish it off because the...
  13. Parker Sean Peterson

    Leaking kitchen sink fixture

    Hi, I need help with figuring out why the used sink I am installing is leaking from the faucet. I'm not a plumber, just a dabbler, so any and all help is appreciated. See the attached photo. I took a small video but I guess it's too large. Thank you.
  14. J

    Faucet wont turn on everytime

    I just bought this house. Built in 1977. When i go to turn the water on at the sink sometimes it comes on, sometimes it does not come at all or its just a slow drip. I went to turn the water off below the sink but neither one of the knobs will turn the water off. Im weak in the plumbing area...
  15. F

    Can I replace a sink cartridge with dripping shut off valves?

    Hello. So long story short I noticed my sink beginning to leak as it’s turned off. It’s an old Moen and I read I will need to replace the cartridge. I get the part, begin to turn the main shut offs under the sink and I am getting a little drop still. Can I still replace the cartridge even with...
  16. M

    What is this pex tubing?

    What is this pex tubing under the bathroom sink? That is an external wall. The other pipe going out the same way is an oudoor faucet. There is a bad small from that tubing. The sink water has been turned off for several years. It is an unused bathroom
  17. O

    Connecting Sink to Threaded Metal Drain Pipe

    I have a metal drain pipe with threads on the outside coming out of the wall behind a bathroom sink. The pipe that connected to this broke, so I need to replace the trap and find a way to connect to the drain pipe. The threads on the outside of the 1 1/2" drain pipe seem fine, but it only...
  18. W

    Threaded Trap Adapter part ID?

    Hi all, and thanks in advance for any help. I'm having trouble finding replacement parts for some damaged adapters. We have a two-basin sink, so a simple NPT x hub adapter isn't ideal, for maintenance/easy removal reasons. It is a gasketed compression fitting, wherein there is a lock nut...
  19. B

    What kind of trap is this?

    When I google it, this doesn't look like either an S trap or a P trap. Help?
  20. C

    kitchen disposal

    Is there a cover on the bottom of some disposals? If so , can I take that off?I can't find where to put the wrench for unclogging. Thanks. chris