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    Delta faucet 2594-mpu-dst leaking down liftrod hole after new cartridges installed

    Hi all, My wife and I built our home in 2017. The builder installed 5 Delta faucets model 2594-mpu-dst in 3 bathrooms. About a month ago we noticed we had leaks under 3 of the 5 faucets. There is some minor water damage to the cabinet but nothing I'm going to worry about. I did some searching...
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    Manufacturer’s minimum cabinet recommendation for new sink vs. reality

    dear experts, thanks for taking the time to review my question. i’m getting a new sink (and a counter top) going from a 33” x 22” x 6” drop in (over mount) double basin to a 33” x 22”x 9” rectangular sink. My sink cabinet measurements are 34.75” x 22.75” (measured at the bottom of the sink...
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    Piping kitchen sink drain with garbage disposal

    Can someone please tell me if there is a different way to pipe this? Sometimes it drains fine and sometimes it’s suuuper slow. I did it myself so please go easy on me! First time homeowner looking to save some money ;)
  4. M

    Benefit from an air admittance valve

    Could I benefit from a local valve vent to help with my slow drain? Single sink drain system, but note the height of the rear wall outlet to the disposal. Whole system is vented thru the roof.
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    Converting dual sink to single sink

    I purchased a new single drain sink to replace an old dual drain sink that came with the house built 30 years ago. Currently, there's a 3 way drain extension with 2 of the forks going to p traps with the middle fork being plugged with a clean out cap. would I need to somehow remove or cut...
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    Can I add a washer and connect to drain under a sink?

    I have a utility sink. Id like to put a clothes washer in the next room along the same wall. My question, can i punch thru the wall with some piping and connect the drainage from the washer to the existing drain lines under the sink? Bad drawing attached. Hoping for any advice if this is...
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    Air pressure in sink drain pipe prevents drainage

    Hello - I am an American living in Sweden and am trying to fix an issue under our sink where the drain water can not drain unless I pull out the light gray flexible tubing inserted into the dark gray piece (pictures below) to allow some air vent, otherwise the air pressure in the pipe does not...
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    American Standard cartridge replacement

    I'm unsure as to how to get to the cartridge for this type of faucet handle. I see no cap to remove. Any help is much appreciated.
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    Will my sink work? Fixture location question.

    I had to demo a bathroom laundry area due to a leak in my 70 year old house, now I am taking the opportunity to remodel. I am an intrepid diy’er, if I have a plan and I know the steps, I can do the work. I have included a photo to show roughly the plan of where I’d like to put things. The pipe...
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    Kitchen Sink won't drain. Tried different solutions.

    Hi everyone, The sink in my kitchen won't drain. This is a new condo unit, it's been only 8 months. I'm not a pro, but I lived in apartments for more than 10 years and never had this issue. My first attempt was to use a chemical. That didn't work. Then I tried a plunger and snake, also...
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    Need help with clogged sink.

    Ok so this is clogged or something and it won't go down... I have snaked the p trap and then just replaced all the p trap pipes with new ones as well as replaced the vent and nothing worked so now I'm trying to snake the pipe in the picture because it seems to be clogged here but its not...
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    Help identifying this?

    Hi, so i’ve had a leak in my sink faucet for a little now. I finally have the drive to fix the issue but cannot seem to find this hose? Local hardward store isnt open till 6a tomorrow but I just want to be a little prepared. I read a few fourms about this specific faucet having this issue (or...
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    Weird sink bolt

    Hey, a couple months back, honestly probably a year now i went to change my kitchen sink, but when i went under to unscrew and unbolt it i noticed this weird "bolt" i guess that ive never seen before. And i couldnt get it off. As it wasnt such an issue i decided to hold off on the sink...
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    Sink plumbing question

    Hello experts.. Can some one tell what is this installed under kitchen sink. Image is attached. I have cold water and hot water. Why does it have 2 outer pipe connections into one? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    What is this drainage pipe under kitchen sink that leads outside?

    I've known about a 1/2" pvc pipe leading out of my house since I moved 18 months ago. I assumed it was drainage for AC condensation in the attic until it was still running even when AC isn't on. It caused a leak because it wasn't angled enough (imagine slowly pouring a glass of water so it runs...
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    Double Kitchen Sink Backing Up on Disposal Side

    Hello. I would like to tap into the community's expertise. My issue is this: It seems my wife poured a considerable quantity of rice down the disposal. Afterwards just the disposal side started to back up. If you run the disposal, it empties but backs up on the other side. I removed all the PVC...
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    Bathroom faucet smells like rotten eggs.

    Hello, I am using city water and my bathroom sink faucet smells like rotten eggs. All the other faucets in the house smell fine. It is just this one faucet. thanks! Phil
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    Dirt/soil below kitchen cabinet, plumbing from kitchen going straight into the soil - Help!

    Hi everyone, I just purchased a condo and there was a bad smell coming from the kitchen. I ended up tracing it to the kitchen cabinet, and there is a hole cut in the wood; inside, dirt/soil, which looks that it goes along the wall below other cabinets. The smell coming from it is strong, and...
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    Utility Sink Faucet Replacement - Pipe Issues

    I need to change out the faucet setup on our Utility Sink in the laundry room. Its a Porcelain Sink that sits up against the wall. The problem is that the hot and cold water pipes run directly across the wall in the room and up to the current faucet setup on the back of the sink. Since the...
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    Leaking waste arm on bathroom sink

    I had to remove the trap on my bathroom sink, and now I cannot it get it to not leak. The trap and nuts are metal, while the waste arm is some kind of black plastic. Rather than using a washer, the trap arm has a beveled or tapered end that interfaces directly with the trap. I went ahead and...