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  1. C

    sink, toilet, tub on only one side of house won't drain

    I have a mobile home where the sink, toilet, and tub on one side of my house won’t drain properly. The sewage line goes from that side of the house to the opposite side and from there to the main sewage line for my street. All other sinks, toilet and tub in the house drain just fine. the sink...
  2. C

    Basement utility sink overflows when I run my water

    Hi all - New here and my first post, I hope someone can give me some advice on what I have done so far without an expensive bill coming my way. I have a utility sink that in my basement that sits directly below my kitchen sink that is on the first floor. The kitchen sink has PVC to a shared...
  3. I

    Air pressure in sink drain pipe prevents drainage

    Hello - I am an American living in Sweden and am trying to fix an issue under our sink where the drain water can not drain unless I pull out the light gray flexible tubing inserted into the dark gray piece (pictures below) to allow some air vent, otherwise the air pressure in the pipe does not...
  4. G

    Kitchen Sink won't drain. Tried different solutions.

    Hi everyone, The sink in my kitchen won't drain. This is a new condo unit, it's been only 8 months. I'm not a pro, but I lived in apartments for more than 10 years and never had this issue. My first attempt was to use a chemical. That didn't work. Then I tried a plunger and snake, also...
  5. B

    Leaking p trap

    All I have a p-trap that's leaking under my kitchen sink. It's the schedule 40 stuff, so I can't just unscrew some nuts and replace everything easily. The yellow circle is where the leak is. The red circle is where I assume I would need to cut the pvc in order to replace the p trap. The...
  6. Tommymac1119

    Question on lowering trap arm

    I just purchased a new single-drain sink to replace a double-drain sink. I’d like to retain the garbage disposal and install it on the new sink. Good so far... My problem is that the new sink drops 3” lower than my old one, so the garbage disposal drain will be lower than the current trap arm...
  7. Gabriel Wiley

    Help/Advice needed transitioning ABS to Cast Iron for bathroom sink drain.

    Hi there! First time posting here, Id appreciate any advice you can give me. Im installing a new sink in my bathroom and I can't figure out how to connect the ABS to this 1 1/2" cast iron drain hole. It looks like it's both venting and draining. I'd rather not tear open the drywall and replace...
  8. D

    Washing machine and utility sink?

    I have a washing machine that drains into a utility sink. The sink is always a problem, and I’d like to get rid of it. Can I just run a pipe up the wall and attach the washing machine hose to it or do I need more parts? If so what do I need?