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    Trying to find the right stem sillcock

    Hello! I'm trying to order the correct frost proof sillcock and I can't seem to find it anywhere online. Below are a few pictures. The old one that is busted and one I ordered which, I was just told by a plumber, is incorrect. As you can see, it's 11.5" in total length. But the threads are...
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    Leaking Sillock

    Hello. I have a leaking sillcock made by BK Mueller. I heard that if you take the stem out and seal the weep hole, it will stop leaking. I removed the inner stem and I can not remove the screw on the stem (see picture C, screw is not visible in picture). I dont mind buying a new stem (BK...
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    My trouble with removing sillcock.

    Hi everyone, I am a dyi and trying to replace a sillcock running from my kitchen cabinet to outside. I had a plumber put in this sillcock last year after the original one was burst due to frosting. He said that he would make it the way that I could easily replace it myself. I think he put it a...
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    Sillcock Installation Failed

    I just installed a new sillcock faucet to replace an outdoor faucet pipe that burst last winter. I have sweated pipes before and I felt I did a decent job on it. I heated up the bottom of the joint of the sillcock pipe where the threads are located, applied the solder and I was happy with my...