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  1. C

    Master shower water lines/ventilation

    Hello all. Very new to this scene. here is a zoo of water lines that connect throughout my house. I was planning on tiling the this shower floor and walls. (A fiberglass shower and base pan were here previously) Does anyone have suggestions or advice as to keeping this plumbing how it is? Does...
  2. orty

    Tub/Shower Faucet Eventually Starts Dripping Again After Replacing Valve Stems

    Ah, the joys of older home ownership (1974). We thought our major plumbing issues were dealt with when we got rid of our orangeburg sewer line and our rusted out galvanized supply line to our house. It's still galvanized under the house, but we live in a very dry climate and the pipes/joints...
  3. rgarland

    Suggested fittings for DIY solar shower

    I am working on an outdoor shower to put on top of my van, but I spent hours at home depot trying to find the right hardware to fit things together. I am a complete newb, so any advice on finding the right parts is much appreciated. Here is my kindergarten cartoon of the idea: The tube on top...
  4. alxbz1

    Need advice slime in toilet tank & build up on sinks.

    Hello! Just some background I live In a Tiny House which is setup like an RV with a RV hose, on someones property/ well water. I have avoided showering/bathing because of the water and taste ( when brushing my teeth), Originally I thought it was hard water but after getting quotes for possible...
  5. J

    How to turn On and Off Shower properly, were shower diverters built differently back then?

    I had an old shower diverter from the 1980s, however things were sturdy back in the day. :| To turn the shower off, I would just push down the diverter, without Even turning off the shower knob first. It lasted for 30 years. When I get a new spout & diverter, it kept breaking/getting stuck. Had...
  6. B

    Uncertain shower pressure/volume at house I'm buying

    I'm negotiating a contract for a home purchase. This is a three-floor townhouse with a basement. During the inspection, every fixture--3.5 BA and kitchen--showed great pressure and volume, with the exception of the master shower. (The master bath tub and sinks, which are adjacent to the shower...
  7. D

    Using Faucet Cartridge Without Limiter

    Hello all and thank you in advance for the help. My bathtub faucet has been either providing lukewarm water or running low on hot water fairly quickly the last month or so. I think it was always cooler temperatures than other fixtures in the house, but it has become a problem recently. All...
  8. J

    Shower Arm Leak question

    We are installing a new shower arm, and kept the Old Shower Arm plate, since it was larger and covered the original shower hole wall. However the new shower arm is smaller radius, so I see a noticeable gap in the internal hole (green box). It isn't as snug as previous. The picture quality...
  9. J

    Bathtub Knobs Help me plz

    I want to replace my bathtub knobs but i cant find a suitable replacement for it, can you guys help me locate a good replacement thats fits because im using a wrench to turn off and on my cold water right now.
  10. J

    Moen Tub Spout Installation with cracks between Ring and Spout

    I just installed a new Moen Tub Spout 179101. When installing it, you see a white portion with caulking. Everytime I press down on the spout lightly, I can see the spout separate, and see hole edges between the ring and spout (see green box). Is this the way, Moen Tub spout is supposed to be...
  11. J

    Cracks, holes shower in tub spout

    I have an old 1980s shower, it has a flexible shower wall. Recently when I pull the tub spout shower diverter up or push against the wall, I see cracks and holes appear. I tried replacing the bathtub spout multiple times, and retried Caulking Numerous occasions. It keeps showing holes/cracks...
  12. J

    Shower Diverter Keeps breaking

    I have a Shower Diverter that keeps breaking. Last one, I had for 10 years, and it got stuck, or sprays water between the Shower head and faucet. So plumbers replaced it, 2 more in fact, and the same issue. I promise I am not pulling the shower head hard, never broke this many shower diverters...
  13. P

    Water temp issues at faucets and bath/shower

    Hello all, I do not have much plumbing experience but am following my father's footsteps of being a DIY'er. My sink faucets and shower have always been a bit off since moving in about 6 months ago and seem to be getting worse. They require the hot water to be on full go while originally...
  14. webmonk

    Very Loud Sound When Shower Is Being Used

    Okay, I have searched A LOT for an answer to this sound. Problem is that people have a hard time putting a name to sounds and so when someone says their shower was "whistling", "squealing" or even "roaring" I may not classify mine the same way. Despite that I've tried a lot of the things I've...
  15. J

    Tub Spout Installed slightly rotated

    Our plumber installed a Tub Spout slightly rotated 10-15% degree angle to its left, like a globe. Curious if there is any reasons plumbers have any installation reasons do that, I will just rotate back myself. One time, I had a plumber install a bathroom sink 10% slanted on the xy plane, due...
  16. J

    Can Removing Shower Head Restrictor affect Diverter?

    hi Admin, please delete this thread, thanks
  17. J

    Shower Diverter keeps breaking

    I have a Shower Diverter that keeps stuck having issues, where water goes to Both the Tub Spout and the Shower Head. We have replaced two shower spouts with diverters in the last month. Is there an underlying issue which can keep causing this? The shower diverters keep having issues, regardless...
  18. M

    Wetroom shower proformer - does size matter.

    Hi, I'm looking to change my downstairs bathroom to a Wetroom. It's currently an enclosed shower with a wooden floor on joists. I'm going to have the wooden floor remove and a Wetroom installed with a tiled floor. Please see picture of upstairs bathroom showing large tiles on the floor and...
  19. M

    Shower water temp/pressure issue in tiny house- totally stumped

    I recently finished a tiny house build (my dad and I did most of the work, including plumbing, ourselves) and moved into it in August. There was a small issue with the water temp- namely, that I couldn't regulate the water temp in the shower or kitchen. I worked around it by adjusting the temp...
  20. D

    Stumped and dreading the only possibility I can imagine.

    Working on a shower. Turn the handle an 1/8th turn, usually cold water should come out, but nothing. Another 1/8th turn and you can start to hear something, but water is just starting to drip out. Continue to turn and more the water starts to flow. It is just hot water, and too hot to shower in...