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  1. L

    Shower waterproof cap

    Hi, I have my bathroom done up last year. The builder forgot to put the waterproof cap on the shower, now it is getting rusty inside. I wonder if anyone know where to buy this cap? I am not even sure what it is called? Thanks Read more: Shower waterproof cap
  2. V

    Shower handle screw fell off - replacement suggestions

    The screw from my shower handle fell off. I don’t know what brand it is. My tenant sent some pictures. Any idea what screw I can use?
  3. I

    Need Help Identifying Shower Trim/Valve

    Hi there! My wife and I recently bought our first detached home! We bought a Moen Trim Kit for our upstairs bathroom, however, when the plumber we hired to install it (among many other things) came to do the work, he said he could not install it because he has never seen this valve before...
  4. d-marbles

    Does anyone recognize this canister connected to shower drain line?

    I'm hoping someone can identify this cast iron canister connected to the drain line of a stand-up shower in a house built in the 1940's, it's about 5.5 inches (14cm) tall, has a removable top and has no markings that I can see. I wouldn't bother, but the drain began leaking and I need to know...
  5. C

    Wanting to replace Moen Shower Trim Kit. No clue what I'm really doing.

    I'm trying to do something nice for my dad and update his shower fixtures. I know it's a Moen kit that is currently on it and I know I have to stick with Moen. But I've never really messed with anything like this before. My question is, how do I determine which model I need to get? I have...
  6. D

    Help with a "builder" basement shower drain rough in

    Hey all, happy holidays. I am finishing the basement and the home came with a "builder" rough in for a bathroom down there. I've completed the toilet, vanity and shower water supply lines. Looking at where the shower drain is, its off center. I'm not sure what to do with it or what I am really...
  7. S

    Shower gets cold

    Hi, my question is when I start my shower I have to put it to almost 50% on the hot side. Then after 5 minutes the water gets colder (Luke warm). Then i turn the knob a little hotter, right after 5 min it gets colder again. What could be the cause of this?
  8. geojaya

    standing shows trim replace

    How d0 I replace this fixture in my shower. Any feedback, who could be the manufacturer. I opened the screw, but cannot figure out how to take out the outer layer
  9. annmarionryder

    Hi guys, I'm have trouble adjusting the temperature on my mum's shower head, how do I do it?

    The shower was far too hot for this Summer even on lowest setting. I've taken off the cap and screw which led to the heat dial coming off, and now I'm facing this toothy something, and not sure what to do next. I've tried researching it, but I cant find many similar shower heads and without the...
  10. C

    Master shower water lines/ventilation

    Hello all. Very new to this scene. here is a zoo of water lines that connect throughout my house. I was planning on tiling the this shower floor and walls. (A fiberglass shower and base pan were here previously) Does anyone have suggestions or advice as to keeping this plumbing how it is? Does...
  11. orty

    Tub/Shower Faucet Eventually Starts Dripping Again After Replacing Valve Stems

    Ah, the joys of older home ownership (1974). We thought our major plumbing issues were dealt with when we got rid of our orangeburg sewer line and our rusted out galvanized supply line to our house. It's still galvanized under the house, but we live in a very dry climate and the pipes/joints...
  12. rgarland

    Suggested fittings for DIY solar shower

    I am working on an outdoor shower to put on top of my van, but I spent hours at home depot trying to find the right hardware to fit things together. I am a complete newb, so any advice on finding the right parts is much appreciated. Here is my kindergarten cartoon of the idea: The tube on top...
  13. alxbz1

    Need advice slime in toilet tank & build up on sinks.

    Hello! Just some background I live In a Tiny House which is setup like an RV with a RV hose, on someones property/ well water. I have avoided showering/bathing because of the water and taste ( when brushing my teeth), Originally I thought it was hard water but after getting quotes for possible...
  14. J

    How to turn On and Off Shower properly, were shower diverters built differently back then?

    I had an old shower diverter from the 1980s, however things were sturdy back in the day. :| To turn the shower off, I would just push down the diverter, without Even turning off the shower knob first. It lasted for 30 years. When I get a new spout & diverter, it kept breaking/getting stuck. Had...
  15. B

    Uncertain shower pressure/volume at house I'm buying

    I'm negotiating a contract for a home purchase. This is a three-floor townhouse with a basement. During the inspection, every fixture--3.5 BA and kitchen--showed great pressure and volume, with the exception of the master shower. (The master bath tub and sinks, which are adjacent to the shower...
  16. D

    Using Faucet Cartridge Without Limiter

    Hello all and thank you in advance for the help. My bathtub faucet has been either providing lukewarm water or running low on hot water fairly quickly the last month or so. I think it was always cooler temperatures than other fixtures in the house, but it has become a problem recently. All...
  17. J

    Shower Arm Leak question

    We are installing a new shower arm, and kept the Old Shower Arm plate, since it was larger and covered the original shower hole wall. However the new shower arm is smaller radius, so I see a noticeable gap in the internal hole (green box). It isn't as snug as previous. The picture quality...
  18. J

    Bathtub Knobs Help me plz

    I want to replace my bathtub knobs but i cant find a suitable replacement for it, can you guys help me locate a good replacement thats fits because im using a wrench to turn off and on my cold water right now.
  19. J

    Moen Tub Spout Installation with cracks between Ring and Spout

    I just installed a new Moen Tub Spout 179101. When installing it, you see a white portion with caulking. Everytime I press down on the spout lightly, I can see the spout separate, and see hole edges between the ring and spout (see green box). Is this the way, Moen Tub spout is supposed to be...
  20. J

    Cracks, holes shower in tub spout

    I have an old 1980s shower, it has a flexible shower wall. Recently when I pull the tub spout shower diverter up or push against the wall, I see cracks and holes appear. I tried replacing the bathtub spout multiple times, and retried Caulking Numerous occasions. It keeps showing holes/cracks...