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  1. J

    Help Identifying the Brand of Shower Valve

    Hi, my shower valve is leaking and very hard to turn. However, I have trouble finding the brand and model so that I can order replacement part. Can anyone help? I called Grohe and Hansgrohe but they both said it's not theirs. Any help will be much appreciated. I bought it more than 10 years ago...
  2. J

    Help figure out what shower trim we need?

    We are selling our home and need to install the trim for our shower. I called and sought local help, no one seems to know. We renovated the shower a year ago but didn't keep the trim or think to replace the value. I don't want to have to remove and replace the tile. Does anyone have any idea...
  3. L

    How to remove the snap ring off this isolation valve of my shower?

    Hi there, I have a Grohe shower valve like in the attached picture. I'd like to replace the isolation valves or stop valves because one is leaky, part# 47051000. The valve is a cylinder shape secured by a snap ring. Unfortunately, I couldn't remove the old snap ring. I bought Pittsburgh Snap...
  4. E

    Help! Shower valve trim needs replacement

    hello , I have this shower valve that I would love to replace. Can anyone help with styles that can replace this?
  5. I

    Need Help Identifying Shower Trim/Valve

    Hi there! My wife and I recently bought our first detached home! We bought a Moen Trim Kit for our upstairs bathroom, however, when the plumber we hired to install it (among many other things) came to do the work, he said he could not install it because he has never seen this valve before...
  6. P

    Crooked Valve - What's Going On Here??

    Hello all, in need of help! So I buy this classic single lever delta trim kit and try to install it, but after installing it (I did it without swapping out the old cartridge at first), notice that the handle is not like its supposed to be on the box..on the box it's supposed to be at a 90...
  7. GTTeancum

    Can't find an exact replacement shower valve

    I'm sure this is a common story for first time home plumbers. I've always fixed everything on my cars and around the house, but when trying to free the cartridge from my valve I scored the inside, causing a forever leak unless I use the valve's shutoffs. I'm hoping to find a direct replacement...
  8. M

    Shower valve with no nomenclature

    Any of you master plumbers out there wanna help out a lowly HVAC tech? Lol this shower valve is in my rental and I can't find a manufacturer. I think I have it narrowed down to a delta 600 series or an old Valley. It's a single handle, ball type, with a knob and dome. Escheuon mounting screws...
  9. G

    Exterior access panel

    Are exterior access panels behind a shower valve not very common? I'm not seeing many examples of them in a bit of searching. Something like this - Both of my showers back up to the same exterior wall, and it's basically my utility wall on the...