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    Uncertain shower pressure/volume at house I'm buying

    I'm negotiating a contract for a home purchase. This is a three-floor townhouse with a basement. During the inspection, every fixture--3.5 BA and kitchen--showed great pressure and volume, with the exception of the master shower. (The master bath tub and sinks, which are adjacent to the shower...
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    Leaking Shower Wand Connection

    My girlfriend has an Oxygenics Shower Wand and it is leaking from the hose connection to the plastic swivel fitting mounted to the stem pipe. The hot water feed is from an instant water heater and has very low flow. I have tried unsuccessfully to increase the flow but the flow screw popped out...
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    Leak From A Massaging Shower Head

    I live in a rental that is part of a private house. In my bathroom is a corner shower unit as shown in the in the first photo below. (Excuse the side orientation. The system uploaded it that way and when I tried to adjust it I just kept receiving a "server error" message). SHOWER PHOTO...
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    How To Lower Shower Head

    I installed a new handheld shower head for a friend. This has a pause button on the handle. My friend uses it hand held and also while it is on the bracket. The problem is he is short and has trouble reaching the pause button while the shower head is on the bracket. What are my options to...