shower control valve

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  1. J

    Leaking shower

    I have an old 2 valve shower faucet from the 60s/70s. I removed the handle and was going to just replace the stem and seat but its not like the others I've seen online. If i'm correct the first nut is the packing nut but behind that is round and can't use a stem socket. How would I go about...
  2. mordalf

    What brand is this?

    I have never seen one of these shower valves before. I’m trying to find a new cartridge for it. Retired plumber at the hardware store thought it might be a Posi-Temp but I’m not sure. Any thoughts on what it is and how to remove it? I can’t get the escutcheon off due to that metal disk in front...
  3. T

    Too hot or too cold cartridge style

    Tub faucet is either giving very hot can't stand in it type almost scalding water or very cold icy. No nice warm shower. No happy medium temp. Just had cartridges replaced as it was not fully shutting off (constant drop). That drip is now fixed, but now it won't get mix of water. Seems only...
  4. P

    Need help identifying Shower Control Valve

    I need to replace the handle to a shower, it is a single control (shower only, no diverter). It is a ball type valve turn left for hotter right for colder, water flow is increased by moving handle up, all the way down to shutoff. The handle is attached via a allen screw in the bottom of the knob...