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  1. F

    Can you identify this cartridge?

    I want to change this tub cartridge but I am not able to figure out what will work. Can someone identify it, and suggest what I can use?
  2. S

    Shower cartridge help

    Can someone please tell me who makes this shower control Thanks
  3. M

    Identify shower valve

    Hello all! Trying to identify what kind of trim kit to use for this cartridge. I went to home depot and bought a delta and moen and neither seemed to fit. In addition, it seems like the cartridge itself is leaking. Can the cartridge be replaced with any other cartridge without having to cut any...
  4. MichMich

    Simple job but I'm clueless...

    I have a rental property. Installed this shower cartridge and handle in 2017. Lasted till now. Current tennant didn't tell me that it broke and used pliers to open the water. I'm an IT guy. Still think I can fix it. So: 1) what tools would I need? 2) what parts? Can you PLEASE check Home Depot...
  5. David M. Karr

    Difficult to set desired temperature

    I've lived in my house for 25 years, and the shower fixture is still the original. The only thing that wears out is the "temperature control dial". The original lasted for many years and finally wore out. I tried to find a replacement in a couple of local home supply stores, but they all...
  6. T

    Too hot or too cold cartridge style

    Tub faucet is either giving very hot can't stand in it type almost scalding water or very cold icy. No nice warm shower. No happy medium temp. Just had cartridges replaced as it was not fully shutting off (constant drop). That drip is now fixed, but now it won't get mix of water. Seems only...
  7. ianbogue

    Old Moen Shower Faucet Stem is Broken

    TL;DR: An older shower faucet stem is leaking, and the shower won't turn off all the way. What can we do to get it to turn off? Videos of the issue: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14tL63ksW7176nh5M79gP8cdsryuL6pJO Here's the story: The house was built in 1965, so original hardware. We've...
  8. H

    New shower stall--water wont turn off

    Hi- A neighbor installed new plumbing for me in a shower stall after I removed the tub. I cannot get the brand new body to control the flow of water. Its a Delta shower unit, and I think that the cartridge is installed correctly. I bought a backup cartridge, but before I go that route wanted...
  9. I

    No COLD water - unknown cartridge

    I have no cold water coming from the shower ... only hot! I guess the cartridge is not working anymore. The problem is I don't know the manufacturer. I thought it's Kohler but I talked to them and it's not. The cartridge is 8 years old. Anybody recognize it from the attached pictures, please...