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  1. D

    Trim Kit ID

    I’m getting ready to replace the faucet handle and trim kit on my shower and I’m looking for some help identifying the brand. The weird thing about this setup is the toggle switch below the handle, which controls the shower/diverter. I thought if I browsed around I’d find something similar...
  2. R

    Help! New condo - noise from neighbour above

    Hello 👋🏽! Hoping that you can help here. I just bought a condo on the second floor. We love it, besides one pretty big thing. We noticed that there’s a really really loud plumbing noise coming from the unit above. You can click the link to hear it. This noise occurs any time the upstairs tenants...
  3. taclark22

    Replacing Shower Tub Kit DIY

    Hello, We are replacing our shower head, handle and faucet. However, our diverter valve is currently on the shower handle. We can only find sets with diverter valves on the faucet at our local hardware store. I can't even find many handles with diverters on Amazon. Would it still work if we...
  4. orh4216

    Replacing faucet handle

    Hey there, my husband and I are trying to remodel our home to sell it. The handle on this faucet has been broken since we bought the house and we are trying to simply replace it. We are stuck since to cut the pipes we would have to remove the cabinet in the other bathroom and want to make this...
  5. N

    Shower leaking, found cause but not sure what to do

    Pictures attached below will show the problem better than I can describe it. Water is slowing leaking from this one piece when the shower is running. If someone could tell me what needs to be done to fix this, I can do the research to find the parts and do the replacement, just not sure at this...
  6. Astralan

    1980's Moen 1200 shower cartridge extraction issues

    Have an old pull to open, twist to control shower regulator that most people can't pull. I decided to do some research and from my findings it ends up being a Moen 1200 cartridge. Following some youtubes and purchasing extraction tools for this model, I was pissed to find that in the attempt to...
  7. S

    Shower stem replacement

    Trying to help a neighbor fix a leaking shower hot water stem. The back side where the rubber washer goes is broken. Need to get a new shower stem, need help figuring out what i need 20190922_181426 by Strider2323 posted Sep 22, 2019 at 6:16 PM20190922_181433 by Strider2323 posted Sep 22, 2019...
  8. P

    Crooked Valve - What's Going On Here??

    Hello all, in need of help! So I buy this classic single lever delta trim kit and try to install it, but after installing it (I did it without swapping out the old cartridge at first), notice that the handle is not like its supposed to be on the box..on the box it's supposed to be at a 90...
  9. L

    Bathroom Remodel

    Hey everyone! Tell me what you did with your bathrooms. We're remodeling ours and need ideas. Thanks!
  10. P

    Water supply pipe joint leak. What went wrong??

    Help please!! Found a leak in the shower valve water supply pipe joint (cpvc to copper), leaking behind the shower panel into the interior of wall of bath. Please see video of leak here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RtvFQoFV0uG6X5tSGsVSaXjCxsGcshRi The leak has been stopped. Could not...