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  1. H

    Broken Sewer Trap- Strong Smell - stumped plumbers - please help!

    Hello all! I’d greatly appreciate any help and advice from this forum. The problem occurred after a routine router rooter clean out. Every couple years my basement will back up and due to roots and such clogging the pipe. This is usually remedied quickly with a snake. The clean out is usually...
  2. K

    Unknown fitting

    Hello, I've got a floor drain in my basement that has a plug on the sewer side. House was built in the 70's. The plug is female and requires some sort of male socket to undo. The shape is square and with a micrometer measures just over .9 inches (I'm thinking 7/8 inches?) Does anyone know what...
  3. T

    What happens if the flange knockout cap goes down the toilet pipe??

    I live in the city and I'm remodeling my upstairs bathroom. My flange knockout cap accidentally went down the 4in ASB pipe. How serious of an issue is this? What do I need to do to get it out? I've gotten some mixed answers. I had a plumber come and he scoped it out and found it to be about...
  4. Kmb72291

    Cast iron plumbing?

    A house I am potentially buying was built in 1955 (Florida). Given the vintage & location, the house was very likely built with cast iron plumbing. The house is ranch style on a crawl space. Sometime between 2005-2008 there was a brand new septic tank put in & then sometime between 2009-2015 the...
  5. B

    kitchen drain issue

    Hi, I have an older (1965) ranch style home with a slab foundation, with 1 3/4 bathrooms (1 full bath, 1 with only shower stall). All bathroom plumbing works well. The plumbing was replaced with copper at some point, but I don't know when or have any details since it was prior to my purchase...
  6. J

    Sewer smell

    hello! Any ideas welcome! We moved into our home earlier this year in May. (1200 sq feet near the beach in MS) The home had been seasonly rented but then completely vacant for around 4 months before we moved in. We did not have any issues the first few weeks. Later in the summer (getting worse...
  7. M

    Adding Floor Drain, Existing Setup?

    Hey all, I'm looking to add a floor drain to my basement setup. Currently, the room has a concrete floor with a square capped pvc plug. After some research, I've found it be a sewer cleanout. Now, I am far from a mechanic so please simplify your answers lol. But is there a way to either...
  8. R

    Help With Sewer Drain Field Connection

    I noticed a hole in the ground between my septic tank and my drain field that smelled. Sensing a problem with the sewer system, I excavated. Here is a picture after digging: I removed dirt, some gravel and what looked like black sand. The outlet pipe on the right had become clogged with sand...
  9. B

    Grease in sewer sump – Identification?

    Hi folks, I have a question for any knowledgable professionals regarding grease accumulation in a sump for a mixed-use building. There are 90 units in total – 70 residential and 20 commercial. Three of the commercial units are small class 1 restaurants. Here's the question: Is there any way a...
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    Drain Cleaning Service

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  11. G

    Sump pump running frequently

    we recently moved into a home that was built in the late 50’s. It has a combined sewer/storm water system that collects in the basement and drains to the rear of the property. We live in the city so we are in municipal water and sewer services. We have a sump pump that is operational. Now for...