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  1. S

    Bathroom drain smell

    Hello All, I am having an issue with my bathroom shower which is smelling like gases from the sewer each time I take a shower. I am a DIYer and I have attempted to remedy the issue with adding a air admittance valve after the p trap. This however did not work. I am posting the origin picture...
  2. Cassix

    Stumped with sewer smell

    Im trying to figure out this customers sewer smell problem. Background is his downstairs bathroom is periodically getting sewer smell coming from his shower is where they mostly notice it after a shower. The bathroom is all tile sitting on a slab so theres no way to get to it. It didnt start...
  3. M

    Sewer smell from basement drain

    Hey all, I have a sewer drain from which I get a sewer smell from every weekend. The p-trap has water in it. The smell goes away when I pour water down it but it keeps coming back every week. The drain may or may not be conected to the weeping tile. The drain has debris in it as plumbers...