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  1. orh4216

    Replacing faucet handle

    Hey there, my husband and I are trying to remodel our home to sell it. The handle on this faucet has been broken since we bought the house and we are trying to simply replace it. We are stuck since to cut the pipes we would have to remove the cabinet in the other bathroom and want to make this...
  2. Thatguymayo

    Delta Faucet Hose Connection Type and Replacement Parts

    I currently have a leak coming from the connection on my hose assembly on my delta kitchen pulldown faucet. Ive been looking for replacement parts, however, the connection type on the replacement parts looks pretty different than what I have (Could be that this faucet is original when my house...
  3. C

    outdoor faucet replacement

    home built in 68 want to replace this part (outdoor faucet) , seems i will need to cut drywall on the left of pipe to position a successful cut i'm using a multi-tool to cut the copper pipe... i'm not sure what the beam supports. do i need to determine if it is weight bearing? anyone have a...