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    Can you identify this cartridge?

    I want to change this tub cartridge but I am not able to figure out what will work. Can someone identify it, and suggest what I can use?
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    Replacing Poly with PEX without opening walls

    I would like to replace my failing POLY with PEX all the way to the angle stop without opening walls. I have watched videos and googled it but I figure I would ask everyone to see what really works. 1/2 Poly Interior Drywall Most have 90 degree elbows in the wall I have free access under the...
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    Wall hung toilet replacement

    I am attempting to replace a wall hung toilet in my parents house in prep for sale. (The 50 year old toilet was installed when the house was built, and is cracked/leaking on the floor of the bathroom when flushed). Replacement is an American Standard 2882.107 Glenwall. The closet carrier...
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    Flapper replaced, still ghost flushes occasionally

    My old flapper was leaking as I flushed, so I got it replaced. I've put a new flapper on the toilet (a Toto 3-inch), but occasionally when I flush it still won't form a tight seal so it'll leak. If I flush it again it usually fixes itself and seals properly. This only happens 30% of the time so...
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    Leaky main water shut off

    Howdy The main water shut off coming into my basement has began to leak. My problem is that the shut off value is attached to the pipe as soon as it comes out of the block wall. Therefore, this leaves me no room to cut the valve off and attach a new one. Thoughts? Ideas? Also, what is the...