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  1. NWTennesseean

    Valley V4800 square escutcheon removal

    How is the Valley V4800 square escutcheon removed? Does it unscrew, or is it pulled out? I presume (after removing handle) that the escutcheon must be removed first in order to expose the retaining nut that secures the cartridge. This is a 2-handled Valley shower, circa 1974. I need to...
  2. C

    Unusual kitchen faucet mount

    I'm attempting to replace an old faucet on an undermount sink with granite countertops and can' t get the old one off. I have replaced several faucets before but have never seen a mount like this. It is a single hole installation and is a faucet with a pull out sprayer. I attempted to turn the...
  3. A

    Disassembaly and removal of widespread faucet

    Hi Guys, New to the forums. Was hoping someone could give me some advice on how to properly remove the widespread faucet included in the image links below. Where I am stuck is at the removal of the faucet handles to access the stems. I have the flat-head screw loose but am unsure if I should be...
  4. Phicksur

    Lead around a cast iron drain pipe?

    I was doing some home improvement and the phlange under the toilet was completely corroded where the screws were so I started taking it out and the stuff between the phlange and the iron drain pipe just didn't want to come out. I have managed to get some of it out and it's a metal, soft enough...
  5. K

    Removal of a Tub Spout that’s Older than Me

    Hello all! I recently decided to take on the job of replacing the shower fixtures (save for the shower head) in my grandparents’ guest bathroom. The house was built in 1984 and still has its Delta 600 series shower handle and all. I’ve done my research and gotten all of my tools and materials...
  6. C

    Vintage diverter valve leak/removal

    I've been having an issue with the diverter valve in my shower/bath. It leaks slightly whenever the water is on, but excessively when I switch it to the shower head. Most diverter valve videos I've seen have someone taking the whole valve off with a large deep socket. Mine won't receive a...
  7. kharrisma

    Strange sort of flush-valve retaining system?

    Hi Forum Folke, My old flush valve needs replacement (leaking water constantly). I changed the flapper (OEM part), but it still leaks, just not as badly as before, so I'm assuming the valve seat is no good either, necessitating complete valve replacement. The existing valve ( Certain Seal 400...
  8. E

    Removing a bathroom sink

    Hi - This is my first post here and it may be a dumb one, but I wanted to be sure as I've never done this before. I'm having a custom vanity built and it will be ready to install soon. Before it can be installed, I need to remove the old sink and vanity to make space for it. The question I...