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    Beat the drought! How to filter and pump a seeping spring

    The drought is upon us here in the west, and I'm finally getting around to tapping a seeping (~ 1 gpm) spring in a seasonal creek on our property. Goal is to pump the water about 30 ft. vertically, and 80 ft. linearly to a ~500 gallon holding tank. Its unclear what our rights are to the water...
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    Is a pump needed under the sink?

    Currently doing a small kitchen reno. Will a water trap system under the sink work properly without a water pump?
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    Planning a project involving 30 pumps; need help with sizing and placement

    I am planning a project that will involve up to 30 pumps working together to move 1,375 gallons of Spirulina culture in a little over 15 minutes. The reason for using so many is that it just happens to be the cheapest option available that is appropriately sized for my area and is self-priming...
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    Ejector-Head- Incredible Product Defect......

    Ejector-Head for Jet-Lift Deep-Well Pump - Wrong Connector Pipe "The Connector-Pipe's the wrong length @##%$**!!!" .... Can anyone relate to this? (I want to hear your story)...... The attachments below illustrate a (brand-new, fresh out-of-the-box!) 'TAIFU' (Chinese brand) ejector-head in the...
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    Bushfire Davey pump not priming

    Hi. I have a new twin impeller Davey pump for my bushfire fighting system. The photo shows the installation that I have built. In summary: The supply tank is up the hill probably 200m away. 1.5 inch poly pipe comes down to the pump and goes through the bricked hole where I have a ball tap. Prior...