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    Help please, Shower too powerful !

    A friend had a new shower fitted along with a pump but they find it too powerful for them as the person that uses it is in his 80's and it actually hurts him what with his skin being very thin. Its a Aqualisa ipx4 and I wondered if anyone can tell me if the flow rate could be reduced?
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    Questions about my Well pump.

    We are replacing our Well Pressure tank. My concern is about losing prime, because there is no cut off between the pressure tank and well. I have posted pictures below of the Pump we have. I have included Photos below. When i add the new pressure tank, i plan on added a cut off between the...
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    Ice Maker Drain Question

    I’m installing an ice maker on a wall without a drain. (This is part of a whole kitchen reno). My closest drain will be in the island. my initial thought was to cut the slab and put a PVC chase in that I could route the plastic tubing from the ice maker drain pump and connect under the sink...
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    Booster Pump Installation Advise

    Hi! I am looking for advice on whether or not I should add a booster pump to my home water system. The current water pressure in the home is 32psi, the reading was taken from the upstairs laundry room, I installed a Simer 4075SS-01 3/4 HP Pressure Booster Pump to boost the sprinkler system, I...
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    What is the name for the pump that's like a sump, but it's for basement waste?

    Not a plumber here, but man have I got a problem! Built this house (someone else did) almost 9 years ago. Had him put all the fixtures for water for a basement bathroom (thinking ahead) So we eventually did put in a bathroom, with toilet, shower and sink. Also a washer. He called the pump a...
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    Grundfos SCALA 2 booster pump

    I recently replaced an old booster pump and pressure tank with a Grundfos SCALA 2 continuous pressure booster pump (which has a built-in pressure tank). The pump pulls water from a cistern which is less than 10ft below the elevation of the pump. However, we are consistently having pulsating...
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    Possible to oversize a pump for a water system?

    Hello everyone, I've been doing loads of research but have not come to any meaningful conclusions so I thought asking directly might help! I am looking at upgrading our water system pump at our horse farm. Some background first, the building is 300 long and 100 foot wide with 4 aisles, each...
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    Well pump pressure switch replacement

    I am preparing to replace my well pump pressure switch- the one that runs the pump when the water pressure gets below a threshold. The articles I have read say to shut off the power supply to the pump then to shut off the valve from the pressure tank to the house and drain the pressure tank. I...
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    Water pressure?

    I have a three-story house with a basement and a well. The pump maintains 40 psi as measured on the gauge at the pump... in the basement. I have very low water pressure starting on the second floor. What can be done to increase the pressure on the second floor? I have a washer and dryer I want...
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    Pump issues?

    No changes made to the system lately but within the last week it seems we have 2 problems (or symptoms). 1) Two times we have lost pressure completely while someone was showering. The first time it was when the clothes washer was also running the second time it was when 2 showers...
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    Grinder Pump to Sewer or Septic System

    Hello, I am building a house on a hillside and I have a decision to make on sewage. I can either install a grinder pump and pump sewage up to the municipal sewer line above the house or install a gravity septic system below the house. Any suggestions on which will be more reliable and less...
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    Is my CH/HW fully pumped? Is it two-pipe?

    Hi, I'm having problems understanding the exact configuration of the CH/HW piping in my house. In particular, I have to understand where and how to place piping for additional radiators at the upper floor. My configuration is the classical one: loft cistern, indirect cylinder on the upper...
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    Jet Pump breaker tripped, now it wont come on? Possible causes? Please help

    What could be the problem with my shallow jet well pump? I was doing laundry and got an error code that there was a problem with the water source, checked the faucet and no water, I thought we ran out of water since we are in a moderate drought and our well is only 25 ft, occasionally we do have...
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    Pump low pressure with unexpected shut off

    I'm thinking that my residential well pump has gone bad but I'm looking for some confirmation. I've read a ton of posts about similar issues but really can't put my finger on it as a definite. I bought my house about 3 years ago. The well and equipment were all installed (new well drilled)...
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    Use same Pump for water booster and tank filling

    I have a water tank to fill which have a float valve, and I want to install a water booster pump that boosts the water coming out of that tank. Usually, you install a pump on the inlet of the tank to fill it, and you install another pump on the tank outlet to boost water towards the faucets...
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    Salamander pump trouble getting started

    I have a Salamander pump model CTFORCE 30PT installed in 2016 which was a replacement for the same one that stopped working (dead). I have 3 showers, one downstairs and two on the first floor. My cold water tank is in the loft (above the first floor) and my hot water immersion tank (with an...
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    Please help me troubleshoot my old well system

    About 2 weeks ago, our water suddenly slowed to a trickle. I went outside to my "pump house" for a visual check. Everything looked good, but when I tightened the electrical connections, the pump came on. This was short-lived, however, and problems continued. A day later it happened again, and I...
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    Boiler circulator pump leaking flange/gasket replacement

    Hi All, I've got a leaking circulator pump on my boiler. It appears that the gasket has failed and the exposure has done some damage to the flange and possibly the pump housing as well. I'm certainly no plumber but I'm pretty handy, so I'm going to try and replace this myself. Here is a link...
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    Shallow well pump low pressure cut off question

    In a nutshell, I recently damaged my shallow well pump by mistakenly running it dry. I was having my cistern cleaned and sealed so we were temporarily drawing water from 55 gallon drums. Needless to say while losing track of the water level in the 55 gallon drum it ran dry. My wife told me "the...
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    Aermotor pump OJS-50 LR5857 B/94

    Having trouble finding a rebuild kit for my shallow well pump? An online search for this model (OJS-50) has been a bust. My wife tells me I bought this pump at Tractor Supply about 15 years ago? The Aermotor website doesn't list this pump. Any help would be appreciated.