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    Vibration from water well pump heard on floors above

    Hello, A minor annoyance of my current water well pump system is the noise of a low steady vibration heard on the main floor and second floor of the house. It is not a knocking or clicking noise, just a steady, low vibration noise. I am guessing it is the vibration from the pump system...
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    well pump

    so I bought so I bought a new well pump I have a shallow well less than 30ft. The pump its between 30 and 50 pre set. my bladder tank is at 28. I've primed my pump 2x it only gets up to 20. any possible ideas as to why only gets up to 20
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    Salamander pump trouble getting started

    I have a Salamander pump model CTFORCE 30PT installed in 2016 which was a replacement for the same one that stopped working (dead). I have 3 showers, one downstairs and two on the first floor. My cold water tank is in the loft (above the first floor) and my hot water immersion tank (with an...