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  1. Jeremiah

    Single to Double Vanity P Trap

    Pre Happy New year everyone one! I am changing a single sink vanity into a duel. My wall intake in on the far left of the vanity. I plan on doing this in the picture to connect both then a P-trap right before it goes into the wall intake. Any concerns? A heads up, I know most people do the...
  2. L

    Quick fix for broken sink drain Pipe/p trap

    Hi, I am looking for a quick and dirty fix for this broken pvc, It is connected to a Tee inside the wall that goes to the sewer and the sewer vent
  3. J

    New 10” Sink, Drain/Trap Too High

    Hi All, I recently installed a 10” stainless under mount sink w/ Granite countertop. Existing drain pipe with trap is about 3” below output from sink. Also, the sink drain is about an inch offset to the right from the trap connection. On top of that I need to fit the tailpiece with T for...
  4. S

    Kitchen Drain Pipe Rerouting

    We are planning a kitchen renovation (living in Ontario, Canada) and been trying to figure out what to do with our kitchen drain pipe. The pipe goes horizontally across multiple cabinets into one of the side walls. This is very frustrating as it reduces most of the usable space. Since we are...