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  1. rgarland

    Suggested fittings for DIY solar shower

    I am working on an outdoor shower to put on top of my van, but I spent hours at home depot trying to find the right hardware to fit things together. I am a complete newb, so any advice on finding the right parts is much appreciated. Here is my kindergarten cartoon of the idea: The tube on top...
  2. James90

    Rheem 40 Gallon Tank Leaking from Pressure Valve Threads

    I have a brand new 40 gallon Rheem hot water tank that was installed a few days ago. At first no problems no leaks anything, and I wake up this morning to water in the floor. I get to looking for the problem and it seems to be leaking from the threads l, seeping up from around the pressure...
  3. A

    Clogged Faucets and Low pressure

    I have 2 issues/questions. To start from the beginning, we just purchased and moved into a home at the beginning of November that has a private well, once we moved in I noticed we had water pressure issues. Upon investigation I found that all the faucets/fixtures with pressure issues were...
  4. D

    Water pressure?

    I have a three-story house with a basement and a well. The pump maintains 40 psi as measured on the gauge at the pump... in the basement. I have very low water pressure starting on the second floor. What can be done to increase the pressure on the second floor? I have a washer and dryer I want...
  5. T

    Pump issues?

    No changes made to the system lately but within the last week it seems we have 2 problems (or symptoms). 1) Two times we have lost pressure completely while someone was showering. The first time it was when the clothes washer was also running the second time it was when 2 showers...
  6. J

    Standing Drain or "Standpipe" Pressure issue?

    Hello, My block was recently pummeled by 3.5" of rain in less than two hours. There is a 45" standpipe in the only floor drain in the basement. My neighbors had sewage backup, i did not because of the standpipe. I might have gotten it worse - it seems as though a crack in the floor started...
  7. R

    Pressure problems

    Hello this is my first post on this forum! Hopefully I'm putting it in the right place. Ok here goes. I live in a mobile home so I don't have extra floors. So I removed and installed a new water heater(40g to 60g) and a water softener(42k bead). When I installed I plumbed 1/2" piping for the...
  8. B

    Leaky main water shut off

    Howdy The main water shut off coming into my basement has began to leak. My problem is that the shut off value is attached to the pipe as soon as it comes out of the block wall. Therefore, this leaves me no room to cut the valve off and attach a new one. Thoughts? Ideas? Also, what is the...