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  1. H

    In desperate need of advice!! Venting

    I am trying to install a double sink vanity in our master bath remodel. However, when I exposed the pipes to plan my plumbing I ran into a dilemma. How do I tie double sink plumbing into my current plumbing. The issue I have is trying to properly vent and drain the system. In the second photo...
  2. DIYEnthusiast

    Male Adapters & Ball Valve Soldered Correctly onto Cold-water Inlet & Hot-water Outlet Pipes?

    Seeking second opinions on whether joints/connections look secure. Recently had a plumber do the following: (1) Remove corrugated copper pipes and solder on male adapters for stainless-steel connector. (2) Remove old cold-water supply shut off valve and solder on lead-free copper-alloy ball...
  3. S

    Help me identify please

    Hello, i clearly do not have a whole lot of knowledge or experience in the matter. This being said, can someone please identify this piece for me and give me some basic information on it.. (The items name used to refer to it. Its uses and functions.. And its general value.. ) i would be really...
  4. J

    Bathroom remodel help

    Hi everyone, I am currently in the process of redoing my bathroom tub and surrounding area. I wanted to raise the ceiling above the tub to allow for a higher shower head. The drop ceiling has a 3” pvc pipe running parallel above the tub. It leads directly up from there and out the roof. I was...