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  1. S

    Pipe Patch Kits

    Hi, I was wondering whether any plumber's use or like using pipe repair kits that come with an epoxy and silicone wrap for repairing leaky pipes? Is this more of a DIY product or does it actually get used by professionals? Do you tend to repair pipes or patch them up when they're corroded etc...
  2. S

    Utility Sink Faucet Replacement - Pipe Issues

    I need to change out the faucet setup on our Utility Sink in the laundry room. Its a Porcelain Sink that sits up against the wall. The problem is that the hot and cold water pipes run directly across the wall in the room and up to the current faucet setup on the back of the sink. Since the...
  3. E

    Planning a project involving 30 pumps; need help with sizing and placement

    I am planning a project that will involve up to 30 pumps working together to move 1,375 gallons of Spirulina culture in a little over 15 minutes. The reason for using so many is that it just happens to be the cheapest option available that is appropriately sized for my area and is self-priming...
  4. P

    Crooked Valve - What's Going On Here??

    Hello all, in need of help! So I buy this classic single lever delta trim kit and try to install it, but after installing it (I did it without swapping out the old cartridge at first), notice that the handle is not like its supposed to be on the box..on the box it's supposed to be at a 90...
  5. qiang tan

    Which is the best Steel Pipe Manufacturers?

    Hey there, I have experienced about the steel pipes businesses so that's why i decided to start my own business of steel pipe suppliers but i want a best steel pipe manufacturers who supplies me all the good quality pipes products in best rates i saw lot of Manufacturers and suppliers online but...