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  1. Torin

    Purpose for pipe vent; single basin kitchen sink setup

    Hi, We live in Arizona. Pictured is our current setup. We're getting a single basin sink with a new disposal and all new pipes and shut off valves. Circled in red is a 'vent' I think... But I'm not sure what its purpose is and if we need to factor one in to our new setup. If anything it's...
  2. J

    Specifications of tube fittings below sinks

    Hello, web searches are failing me, I must be looking for the wrong terms as usually fittings dimensions are easily accessible. I am trying to figure out where to find the specifications for 1.5inch tube fittings (like seen in P-traps). Specifically the wall thickness requirements and thread...
  3. C

    P-trap part

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a specific manufactured p-trap. This is a 1 1/2 p-trap manufactured by R & G Sloane (GSR is the brand name). Their part number is 3211N. Wondering if any of you guys have seen this part at any stores. Thank you
  4. B

    Union Trap Leak

    Good morning, I installed a new bathroom vanity, and I had to replace the old trap. I wanted to install a pipe with a nut at the wall that would permit me to disconnect it without having to cut and cement it. My local plumbing supply advised that I install a union trap and cement a sleeve at...