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    Need help identifying cartridge

    This cartridge has a built in nut attached to it and does not seperate. Dont know the brand, and they dont sell it at the parts store. I went to Home Depot and Alright plumbing.
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    Old Wall Mount Faucet - Exterior Nut Below Handle Broke

    Hi all. I tried to remove the cold water stem from a faucet in order to replace the gasket. As I was attempting this, it cracked and then eventually about 1/3 of the nut broke off. Threads are exposed and the nut is loose when turning the nut itself. Thus far with the main valve on there...
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    Stuck/rusty Kitchen faucet nut?

    Hi, I decided to replace my kitchen faucet of roughly 10 years, but I am unable to remove the giant nut holding the sink to the granite top. I have tried dousing the giant nut and bolt with wd40, liquid wrench, and even CLR but I still cannot get the nut to turn even the slightest bit. I am...