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  1. C

    Wanting to replace Moen Shower Trim Kit. No clue what I'm really doing.

    I'm trying to do something nice for my dad and update his shower fixtures. I know it's a Moen kit that is currently on it and I know I have to stick with Moen. But I've never really messed with anything like this before. My question is, how do I determine which model I need to get? I have...
  2. Kmccoy

    Moen replacement identification

    My husband and I have a home built in 1979 that we are renovating piece by piece. We would like to replace the tub shower fixtures, but need to ID what updated version we need to purchase. Can anyone offer guidance?
  3. G

    Need Diameter of Moen 121549 Faucet Ceramic Disk Cartridge.

    Need diameter of Moen 121549 single lever faucet ceramic disk cartridge, no specs from Moen. https://www.moen.ca/products/Commercial/Commercial_1_Handle_Ceramic_Disc_Cartridge_Models_8413_series/121549
  4. Astralan

    1980's Moen 1200 shower cartridge extraction issues

    Have an old pull to open, twist to control shower regulator that most people can't pull. I decided to do some research and from my findings it ends up being a Moen 1200 cartridge. Following some youtubes and purchasing extraction tools for this model, I was pissed to find that in the attempt to...
  5. C

    2004 Moen bathroom faucet disassembly

    I have a leaky faucet and I presume it is a Moen because the aerator housing says Moen on it. The house was built in 2004 so I presume it is from that year. I cannot figure out how to disassemble it to save my life. There is no screw underneath the top cover, there is no screw on the side and...
  6. Melissa Hall

    HELP! Shower and tub trim kit confusion...

    Hello, New here! I would like to kind of "mix and match" a shower and tub trim kit with Moen pieces. Is that at all possible? Any help with this would be very much appreciated! Thanks!
  7. F

    Can I replace a sink cartridge with dripping shut off valves?

    Hello. So long story short I noticed my sink beginning to leak as it’s turned off. It’s an old Moen and I read I will need to replace the cartridge. I get the part, begin to turn the main shut offs under the sink and I am getting a little drop still. Can I still replace the cartridge even with...
  8. ianbogue

    Old Moen Shower Faucet Stem is Broken

    TL;DR: An older shower faucet stem is leaking, and the shower won't turn off all the way. What can we do to get it to turn off? Videos of the issue: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14tL63ksW7176nh5M79gP8cdsryuL6pJO Here's the story: The house was built in 1965, so original hardware. We've...
  9. M

    Shower Stall Moen Single-Faucet Leaking

    Good evening! First time ever in my life that I've joined a forum!! Red letter day for me. :) Just today, the Moen single-faucet handle area of my shower stall started leaking. My question is this: what is the urgency of getting this fixed (besides wasting water..)? I have been sick recently and...
  10. R

    Moen Bathtub/ shower faucet Cartridge Leaking, valve is damaged too

    Hi , My Moen Bathtub/ shower faucet Cartridge is Leaking and the valve is damaged too. Please see the attached pictures. 1. I did put a new cartridge but it is still leaking. I lost the retainer clip. You think is that the reason for leak? 2. Observe that valve where cartridge goes is...
  11. T

    Moen faucet dripping

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this one. We replaced an old American Standard shower faucet with a Moen 3520 valve and T3291 Trim. I was about to start drywalling the wall up when I noticed water dripping from the screws... A few days went by and I noticed that water is also...