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    CI Main to PVC need advice, and strange connection

    Trying to determine all that's involved in replacing existing cracked cast iron main drain with PVC. Found the crack causing the leak on the 1st floor just below the kitchen ceiling. I noticed something odd (lack of expertise) branching off the cast iron pipe over the kitchen ceiling. And...
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    Major main drain help needed!

    Hi there I've got some major drain line issues,I'll try to explain this all as brief as I can. I moved into a house last September, and I have had the main drain line clog 4 times since moving in. I have had some plumbers come look at it and it has a number of issues with it and it needs some...
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    Sewage Junction Responsibility

    Hi guys, Need your advice. First time poster. NB: Attached pictures for reference and apologies for long post and any poor wording/terms. FYI - I am located in Constitution Hill, NSW On Thursday 19th April, we noticed water was not going down the drain for our downstairs bathroom...