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    Grundfos SCALA 2 booster pump

    I recently replaced an old booster pump and pressure tank with a Grundfos SCALA 2 continuous pressure booster pump (which has a built-in pressure tank). The pump pulls water from a cistern which is less than 10ft below the elevation of the pump. However, we are consistently having pulsating...
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    Water Pressure Low in Kitchen Island

    The cold water has gotten low pressure now in my kitchen island. I thought maybe it was the faucet so I switched the hoses, connected the cold inlet to the hot and vice versa. The hot water , now connected to the cold side of the faucet had great pressure while the cold water, now connected to...
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    Is this a pressure regulator

    I have weak water pressure in my house and prior to installing a booster system, I want to check simpler solutions. Is this a pressure regulator/reducer? Do you know of it is adjustable or should I just replace it?
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    Low water pressure

    I have a cheap faucet in the kitchen and it’s getting slower and slower by the day. Problem is, it’s brand new. Well, the guy I bought the house from put it in right before we moved in and said he got it from Home Depot. Even with the aerator off it’s still pretty slow. Any suggestions before I...