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    Cartridge Replacement with Shared Main

    My tub faucet is dripping constantly (Delta from early 90's). I live in a condo with shared water main and supposed to ask the HOA to notify the neighbors before shutting off the water. So I would like to find out the replacement cartridge's part/model number and purchase it beforehand to keep...
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    Pipe Patch Kits

    Hi, I was wondering whether any plumber's use or like using pipe repair kits that come with an epoxy and silicone wrap for repairing leaky pipes? Is this more of a DIY product or does it actually get used by professionals? Do you tend to repair pipes or patch them up when they're corroded etc...
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    Why this PVB is leaking ?

    I replaced 3 , new from shop, but same issue again and again. I tried 1 inch, zurn (don't remember model number ) as well as watts (800m4qt) PVBs. What is wrong I'm doing here . Why all PVBs are leaking from top ? By the water pressure is not more than 50 PSI.
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    Help! Stupid question. Half inch Galvanized Pipe

    Was just doing some work under my house and I accidentally started to loosen a galvanized pipe . Only about a quarter turn. Then I re-tightened it. Its a long stretch of pipe and I cant see the other connecting end. Can I expect this to leak now?
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    Flapper replaced, still ghost flushes occasionally

    My old flapper was leaking as I flushed, so I got it replaced. I've put a new flapper on the toilet (a Toto 3-inch), but occasionally when I flush it still won't form a tight seal so it'll leak. If I flush it again it usually fixes itself and seals properly. This only happens 30% of the time so...
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    Single knob shower faucet leak. Need Help.

    So I have a single knob shower faucet that is leaking bad. I dont see any brand name on it or any info at all. I want to fix it but have no clue on what part i need for the core. Also i removed the center screw from the handle and it doesn't come off. Could it just be stuck or is there something...