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  1. L

    Design Flaw: Air Gap on top of Kitchen Sink

    When dishwasher is not getting used frequently, the food debris in the garbage disposal can built up to clog the last section of the dishwasher drain pipe, as illustrated in this diagram. When you use the dishwasher, not aware of this blockage and leave the kitchen or your house, misfortune...
  2. J

    Is There a Kitchen Faucet with 2 Water Sources?

    Has anyone ever seen a kitchen sink faucet that can switch between 2 water sources? Kind of like the water guns that bars use to switch between soda/water, but for a household kitchen sink? We are getting an under-sink Reverse Osmosis water filter soon, and looking at options to not drill a...
  3. J

    Need help with kitchen sink plumbing

    Just did my countertops and had new double sink installed. The new sink drains are not centered as before, but offset. The installers took out the old one before I could take a picture of setup. The old setup had the garbage disposal installed on the left side. With the plumbing that is in place...
  4. Leif Olson

    Repair kitchen sink drain with an older non-3.5" small drain hole.

    I have nice big typical double kitchen sink, or so I thought. It has a standard 3.5" drain hole on the right side, but on the left side, the drain basket is molded into the stainless steel and the hole is only about 1-3/4" in diameter. The pipe just broke off at the threads which had just...
  5. W

    Kitchen Sink Issues

    Help! so i have a 1957 Ranch house which is bound to have some degree of issues, and right now it is my kitchen sink. The issues seem to have come out of nowhere. I've never had any issues with drainage and would like to fix it myself if at all possible. I have a garbage disposal on the left and...
  6. A

    Why is the only check valve in Kitchen spray head in supply hose line bottom and not spring loaded?

    My condo builder installed American Standard Kitchen sink spray head stopped working today and identified the issue as: A clogged check valve (a blockage of black grit and grease -- not sure what it is from, although we replaced the old water heater last year that was 9yrs old that had liner...
  7. Torin

    Purpose for pipe vent; single basin kitchen sink setup

    Hi, We live in Arizona. Pictured is our current setup. We're getting a single basin sink with a new disposal and all new pipes and shut off valves. Circled in red is a 'vent' I think... But I'm not sure what its purpose is and if we need to factor one in to our new setup. If anything it's...
  8. jacket

    How do I install a drinking water system in cramped cupboard?

    I want to install a drinking water filter system under my sink but it looks very cramped and I don't know which pipe to take the water from. Can anyone advise please? I was planning to use this Everpure filter but I'm happy to use another if this is too fiddly...
  9. Ryan S Persitza

    Code check, Rough in of kitchen basement sink

    I have > 135 degrees of turn is an additional cleanout required? I will be using a fully shielded cupling. Located in Waukesha County, Wisconsin