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  1. J

    Is There a Kitchen Faucet with 2 Water Sources?

    Has anyone ever seen a kitchen sink faucet that can switch between 2 water sources? Kind of like the water guns that bars use to switch between soda/water, but for a household kitchen sink? We are getting an under-sink Reverse Osmosis water filter soon, and looking at options to not drill a...
  2. N

    Low water pressure

    I have a cheap faucet in the kitchen and it’s getting slower and slower by the day. Problem is, it’s brand new. Well, the guy I bought the house from put it in right before we moved in and said he got it from Home Depot. Even with the aerator off it’s still pretty slow. Any suggestions before I...
  3. M

    Old Wall Mount Faucet - Exterior Nut Below Handle Broke

    Hi all. I tried to remove the cold water stem from a faucet in order to replace the gasket. As I was attempting this, it cracked and then eventually about 1/3 of the nut broke off. Threads are exposed and the nut is loose when turning the nut itself. Thus far with the main valve on there...
  4. I

    Stuck/rusty Kitchen faucet nut?

    Hi, I decided to replace my kitchen faucet of roughly 10 years, but I am unable to remove the giant nut holding the sink to the granite top. I have tried dousing the giant nut and bolt with wd40, liquid wrench, and even CLR but I still cannot get the nut to turn even the slightest bit. I am...
  5. Albert S.

    New Kitchen Faucet..No water coming out

    Hello, Recently purchased a new kitchen faucet - American Standard Fairbury Model #4005SSF. The water pressure on the inlet hot and cold in the kitchen are the same as the rest of the house at 75 psi. While the rest of the house is fine (shower/toilet/vanity), there is very low cold water and...