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  1. Y

    Need plumbers to critique hydronic radiant heating setup

    Hello there, a complete noob here. I recently decided to implement Hydronic Radiant Heating in my house (NJ). I've read large portions of John Siegenthaler's book on the subject as well as consumed hundreds of hours on YouTube/internet researching. I need people that are more experienced than...
  2. rubadub

    Noise related to expansion of copper in Radiant / Hydronic / Baseboard heating

    Hi, I'm curious if there are any experiences/insight beyond standard troubleshooting for this issue. The most practical resolutions i've seen so far are to straighten the fins (which i've done) and to ensure the return pipe is not resting on any metal hooks which could create noise... I do not...
  3. C

    Combi boiler DHW setup correctly?

    Hello. I have had a Bosch combination Boiler for a few years now. It fires hydronic baseboards, works well. I recently had an indirect Domestic hot water tank installed for this Bosch system to supply heat to as designed. My issue is when the baseboards are heating some of the boilers hot water...
  4. G

    Hydronic air heaters with tankless

    Are hydronic air heaters a fairly new thing, or are they more common in some areas than others? I'm in Southern California, and was looking to replace my water heater with a Noritz Combi tankless, with the thought that it could then work together with a Lennox hydronic air heater. But I'm not...