hot water recirculation

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  1. groston

    Removing particles from hot water recirculation system

    By drilling a hole in the valve, see Need a low cracking pressure check valve, I was able to stop the chattering. Great. However, I am again seeing some black particles in the hot water, particles that come from the water heater and flow to the faucet via the recirculation system. I have two...
  2. M

    Reinstalled sensor valve in another bathroom

    We just started the renovation of the master bath so before the demo I took out the sensor valve and installed it in other bathroom. While installing I think I did a mistake due to which there is no water in the bathroom sink now. I turned the hot water valve on first and didnt turn the cold...
  3. AidanDanner

    Strange Problem with Hot-Water Recirculating System

    I'm totally stumped here, hoping someone can help. When we moved into our 1954-construction home about ten years ago, we had a copper re-pipe done, and also a hot-water re-circulation system installed. It's been working great, until about six months ago, when I began to notice that the water...