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  1. helpfuljoe

    Whistling Shower, pressure issue?

    We had a new shower installed a few months ago, and consistently get a loud whistling sound when we turn the shower temp hotter. The contractor and his plumber have been back twice, (1) flushed out the shower head, and (2) the 2nd time flushed out the hot/cold value. Both times did not fix the...
  2. chuckapotamus

    I am new to grease traps, and I need help

    Hi guys, I'm new here, and I am from the Philippines. I also kind of need help. I kind of got an idea of how a grease trap works, but I still need some information on how to install them. In my technical college, they didn't teach us anything about grease traps since we lack equipment and...
  3. M

    Macerating pump disposal

    I have changed out the macerating pump in my house. Where do I dispose of the old one?
  4. J

    First time septic owner losing her crap! LITERALLY:,(

    I AM BEYOND FRUSTRATED!? So long story short... My neighbor bought a house and asked me to move with her. I take care of her pups and we just became really close. Regardless I was like heck no techno! I got 2 kids youre crazy if ya want all of us to move in with ya! Well turns out there was a...
  5. J

    Need help. Tight seal/Leak

    I posted this earlier but perhaps in the wrong section . My apologies . I’ve been working under my house replacing most of the galvanized half-inch with PEX. I have one long continuous pipe that runs to the far side of crawlspace with cery difficult access. I found the spot to tie in but...
  6. N

    Washing Machine Drain Overflows

    Very slow draining of washing machine. Same Master plumber I used in 3/2018 for same reason came out this July. Told last year that wye was installed backwards when piping replaced in 2002. No clogs between ‘02 and ‘18. After 4 hrs of snaking clog couldn’t be removed. I was told I need to...
  7. M

    Drainjets - Automated Drain Flushing System

    Hey Guys, I am the public relations director for Drainjets and am trying to determine the need and approach that I should be taking when creating our online presence. I have created our website, our social media, and started to screen write a commercial that we want to do. My question for...
  8. B

    Weird Symmons shower valve problem. I’m a novice folks.

    Folks. I have a 3 year old Symmons S-4700-TRM in my shower. Entire bathroom was gutted and installed at that time. The handle on my Symmons that turns the shower water on and adjusts the water temp used to be “shut off” when it was in the 3 o’clock position. The other day I felt a funny feeling...
  9. Melissa Hall

    HELP! Shower and tub trim kit confusion...

    Hello, New here! I would like to kind of "mix and match" a shower and tub trim kit with Moen pieces. Is that at all possible? Any help with this would be very much appreciated! Thanks!
  10. G

    Fernox Leak Sealer F4 in water heater???

    My water heater is leaking somewhere from the bottom. The cold water inlet and drain valve are both located on the bottom I sealed around both of them with gasket maker I went over the seams on the cold inlet and drain several time so I wouldn't leave any holes yet still have a leak in I put...
  11. J

    Faucet wont turn on everytime

    I just bought this house. Built in 1977. When i go to turn the water on at the sink sometimes it comes on, sometimes it does not come at all or its just a slow drip. I went to turn the water off below the sink but neither one of the knobs will turn the water off. Im weak in the plumbing area...
  12. Soquilii

    Mobile Home Laundry Room Hissing!

    I have a 20-year-old mobile home and just now discovered a hiss in the laundry room emanating from behind the washer. It sounds exactly like air, not water! There is no water on the floor and I don't feel water coming through the pipes to or from the washer. When I turned the washer on, it...
  13. D

    Electric Hot water on Demand issues

    Here at work and we have a little electric hot water heater. It had been sitting for a while but I just installed it because the old identical one just died. I properly installed this one and it worked great for 4 days. Today it’s having issues. If you let it sit with it’s 2.7 gallon tank. It...
  14. B

    Gulping toilet

    Moved into a condo in a 9 story building. Nice comfy toilets that make an awful gulping, or gluging, sound at the end of the flush; quite loud. I notice that the tank is marked 1.6gal, and the flush valve(?) is marked 1.28gal. I have no idea if this difference make a difference, or what the heck...
  15. S

    Single knob shower faucet leak. Need Help.

    So I have a single knob shower faucet that is leaking bad. I dont see any brand name on it or any info at all. I want to fix it but have no clue on what part i need for the core. Also i removed the center screw from the handle and it doesn't come off. Could it just be stuck or is there something...
  16. M

    Some help with outside faucet - T joint

    Hello all, I recently was doing some DIY and wanted to unsolder a 1/2 pipe going outside to a bib (outside faucet) and attached vacuum breaker. Long story and pointless story, the 1/2 pipe was corkscrewed and sheared off. Now I have a little 1/2 piece stuck inside a T-joint and it is dripping...