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    What might this be? Help.

    Hi everyone I'm new not to remodeling or handyman work but to the forum. I needed to reach out. I am working in Chicago now and have run into an odd predicament. The plumbing upstairs was so slow and pooling to 4" to 5" of water while taking a shorter shower. So the water was draining slowly...
  2. G

    Sick of mopping up the floor

    I have been having trouble with my washer machine drain overflowing after large loads . The grey washer machine hose drains into the 2” standpipe which sits about 1 1/2 ft higher than the washer. After a few overflows, I tried a new, taller standpipe and that did not help. Above the Sani-tee is...
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    Leaking septic

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I bought my first home last November and have had problems with my septic tank since. It's a closed tank (no weeping field) of 1500gal. The previous owners emptied the tank on Nov 15th and I took possession on the 28th. By the 23rd of December it was...
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    Help with General Auger

    I have a nasty clog in my toilet (i’m assuming someome used too much toilet paper) and I own and have tried using a general auger to no avail. It gets about halfway into the toilet hole/U-trap only to stop completely and no amount of turning will help. All I hear is the sound of metal scraping...
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    Please help

    Hey everyone. just bought a new house and it has a ventless fireplace. I would like to my tank this weekend and connect it. I have one problem though the flex pipe is coming out of the house does not have a gas fitting on it. I am not sure what to use to get a proper seal. Can someone help me...