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  1. T

    Furnace not getting Propane?

    The problem: Our furnace will turn on when set and then sporatically turn off and stay off for a couple hours before turning back on. Our furnace has a safety mechanism, where if it doesn't get the gas to lite after 3 attempts, it will shut-off for 2 hours. My theory is that when we use...
  2. Y

    Need plumbers to critique hydronic radiant heating setup

    Hello there, a complete noob here. I recently decided to implement Hydronic Radiant Heating in my house (NJ). I've read large portions of John Siegenthaler's book on the subject as well as consumed hundreds of hours on YouTube/internet researching. I need people that are more experienced than...
  3. Rod Lloyd

    heating pipes

    About a year ago I purchased and moved into an old two story 1989 Victorian home in Kansas and now I am in process of restoring this grand old home. Over the winter I noticed some of the heating radiators were working well but others did not seem to get hot. The gas hot water boiler in the...
  4. P

    Is my CH/HW fully pumped? Is it two-pipe?

    Hi, I'm having problems understanding the exact configuration of the CH/HW piping in my house. In particular, I have to understand where and how to place piping for additional radiators at the upper floor. My configuration is the classical one: loft cistern, indirect cylinder on the upper...
  5. J

    name this valve(?)

    Hello all! Amateur question: What are these? I have a boiler heating system, and these are at the front end of two of my heating water loops. It looks like a brass valve, but there's no handle. As you can see, there is a screwdriver-turned bolt. Is this correct? Or is the nuts-looking...
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