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  1. BamBoozzled

    Air Condition comes on that leads to laundry floor drain smell.

    Hi everyone! First post here looking for some help! A couple years ago we had a sewer backup that left us with 3 feet of water in our basement. After that we had to replace our air conditioner and we started to smell sewer (the same smell from the flood) around our house. We thought it was the...
  2. S

    Mystery Floor Drain

    Hey Plumbers - I could use some help identifying what's going on with this drain. Moved into a new place and the cats managed to pull up the floor drain cover since it wasn't screwed down and they'll mess with anything that isn't screwed down. This drain's in the basement floor near the washing...
  3. P

    Ice maker drain not installed

    So riddle me this please. I’m having a house built for me and have an ice maker included on the plans. My builder was aware of the model (Hoshizaki AM 50BAJ) from the start. Halfway thru the build, when the appliances are being delivered, I find out that I get to buy a $400 drain pump because a...
  4. H

    Proper Basement Floor Drain & Utility Tub Plumbing

    Hello, I have dug up my old basement floor drain and trap due to a constant battle with clogs and not being able to get a large snake down to auger it out. I plan on installing the following: 1. A new floor drain with plug (only for emergencies) 2. A connection for a utility tub (washing...
  5. B

    Floor drain question (pics)

    Hello all, I’m new here and have a question about a floor drain in my basement for the washer and a bathroom shower. Here’s the pics https://share.icloud.com/photos/0rOSO4yGiWl-hA2nfkOWwbcQA As you can see in the pics, the pvc pipe goes from the shower, through the wall and into the drain...
  6. E

    Need help with floor drain

    I am remodeling my bathroom and want to put in floor drain where there used to be a shower. I have an 1.5" copper drain line with trap that is flush with the wooden subfloor. With the remodel, this location is now near my toilet. I want to install the drain because its already there. The...