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  1. R

    help fixing leaking kitchen faucet

    Hi Folks, We have one of these (Kohler?) faucets in our kitchen sink. It leaks when running at half to max capacity. I replaced the valve, which didn't fix it, and I can't get to the rings that the fixing kit comes with -- see parts in Parts.jpg. I watched several videos online and...
  2. E

    Trying to get cartridge out

    Hi Everyone, My cold water side is causing a faucet drip and Im trying to figure out how to take out the handle to get to the cartridge. I unscrewed the top piece but the handle is not coming out. The faucet set says Wentworth England but cant seem to find any information on line on it. Afraid...
  3. Thatguymayo

    Delta Faucet Hose Connection Type and Replacement Parts

    I currently have a leak coming from the connection on my hose assembly on my delta kitchen pulldown faucet. Ive been looking for replacement parts, however, the connection type on the replacement parts looks pretty different than what I have (Could be that this faucet is original when my house...
  4. N

    Shower Faucet Leaking at the Base

    I recently replaced my slip-on tub faucet because the old one was leaking from the spout and the base where the opening is for the hex screws. Now the new one is also leaking from the base where the hex screws is when the water is on. I say leak, but it's actually pouring out of the opening at...