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  1. mky44

    Low Water Pressure in Tub

    Hello, I recently bought my first house last year. The upstairs guest bathroom has a tub. When you turn the water on the pressure is very low. If I turn the faucet to the left (hot) it will come out a little fast but not full pressure. If I turn it right (cold) the pressure drops. If it's in...
  2. K

    Help with identification of sink faucet brand

    I would greatly appreciate some assistance identifying the brand of this bathroom sink faucet. Thanks
  3. R

    Moen Bathtub/ shower faucet Cartridge Leaking, valve is damaged too

    Hi , My Moen Bathtub/ shower faucet Cartridge is Leaking and the valve is damaged too. Please see the attached pictures. 1. I did put a new cartridge but it is still leaking. I lost the retainer clip. You think is that the reason for leak? 2. Observe that valve where cartridge goes is...