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  1. P

    Main Drain Line with branches

    Horizontal connections to Main Drain with Wyes with 45's Vertical connection to laterals made with two 45's Did I miss anything with this layout? Code in this area is UPC.
  2. H

    Behind the toilet boxing, damp, mold, a mess.

    Hi, I hope someone can help? We’ve moved into a new house and the plumbing has been terrible. Everything leaks! We recently removed the toilet boxing due to all the floor being rotten through due to a leaking sink. Behind the boxing we found damp issues too. Can anyone help me pin point what...
  3. B

    Push Button Sink Drain

    Greetings. We have specified a bathroom faucet for a project we are working on. This faucet also comes with various push button drains to select from. Half of them have integrated overflow holes and half don't. I've seen overflow holes on a basin but I'm not familiar their benefits or...
  4. E

    Drain in Shower Pan - Suspicious Caulking

    We are new-ish home owners and noticed some peeling caulk/putty on our shower pan drain. I watched some videos which made it seem like peeling "outer" rim is caulking that wasn't wiped off when the drain was installed. However I can't figure out why on earth they caulked the inner part unless...
  5. E

    Mystery Overflow Drain

    I have 3 copper overflow drains on the outside of my house. One is for the hot water heater overflow, one is for the radiant heat system overflow (in-floor heat) and the last one is... I have not idea - and it's leaking. We have an outside swamp cooler and a water softener and no other...
  6. Cottage House Owner

    Installing a footed tub drain, help

    Hello Plumbers, See Photos of tub drain pipes going up and down...will I have any issues with water in tub exiting fast? Also, the plastic blue waterline was nicked during the sawing of the drywall to open the ceiling to move this drain to the correct location for the tub, will this be an...
  7. J

    Plumbing System Isometric review

    Does anyone see any issues with this plumbing arrangement for my home? I drew this up to minimize errors; it would be nice to get some expert opinions too.. Thank you!