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  1. M

    Bathroom sink slow draining

    My parents moved into a 55 & over recently and their renovated bathroom sink is draining very poorly. Looks like the drain is either pitched back or it’s the way it flows. Attached are pictures of the sink draining, which takes about 2 minutes to fully drain after washing your hands, and the...
  2. Cottage House Owner

    Installing a footed tub drain, help

    Hello Plumbers, See Photos of tub drain pipes going up and down...will I have any issues with water in tub exiting fast? Also, the plastic blue waterline was nicked during the sawing of the drywall to open the ceiling to move this drain to the correct location for the tub, will this be an...
  3. P

    Need HELP! Toilets Gurgling

    Ok, so here is my issue... I purchased a house a few months ago that is on a septic system. After we were finished with renovations we moved in and started having issues with the system. The toilets would start to gurgle and the shower would start to fill up while in the shower. We thought...