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    Bathroom sink connected to an opposing double kitchen sink, not draining: vacuumed, snaked, plunged.

    The title pretty much says it all. I've got a bathroom sink that wouldn't drain. After working on it for a bit I realized it's connected to a double kitchen sink on the other side of the wall. I've suck 'em both with the wet/dry vac, I've plugged and plunged 'til I was blue in the face (and...
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    Floor drain question (pics)

    Hello all, I’m new here and have a question about a floor drain in my basement for the washer and a bathroom shower. Here’s the pics https://share.icloud.com/photos/0rOSO4yGiWl-hA2nfkOWwbcQA As you can see in the pics, the pvc pipe goes from the shower, through the wall and into the drain...
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    Washer Drain Issue

    Summary: Water leaks from where wall meets floor when washer drains. Smells of sewage, appears to be earth/clay 1.5'-2.0' down washer drain. Trying to identify issue, may cut up concrete soon. Washer in the basement 100+ year old construction. Washer drain goes directly into the...
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    Clogged upstairs shower drain, finding pea gravel

    We have a mystery. The upstairs shower is not draining, and is completely clogged. The house is 8 years old, connected to city sewer, with no known problems downstream. All other drains in the house, including the downstairs shower, show no signs of problems. When I plunged this drain, it...
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    Need Help with bathroom sink

    I just recently bought a house and have had a ton of plumbing issues. This new one is a leak under the bathroom sink. I figured it would be easy enough to fix. However, it appears the reason it was leaking is because the drain (sorry I don’t know the terms) that attaches to the sink was slightly...
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    Major main drain help needed!

    Hi there I've got some major drain line issues,I'll try to explain this all as brief as I can. I moved into a house last September, and I have had the main drain line clog 4 times since moving in. I have had some plumbers come look at it and it has a number of issues with it and it needs some...
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    Are there too many bends in this tub drain?

    Plumbing Layout by Bengineer posted Aug 17, 2018 at 4:48 PM Im getting ready to run the drain for my basement bathroom but I'm concerned that I have too many turns in the tub drain. I had to start in the wrong direction in order to pick up a wall for a vent. Is this a problem, does it meet...
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    Boiler circulator pump leaking flange/gasket replacement

    Hi All, I've got a leaking circulator pump on my boiler. It appears that the gasket has failed and the exposure has done some damage to the flange and possibly the pump housing as well. I'm certainly no plumber but I'm pretty handy, so I'm going to try and replace this myself. Here is a link...
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    Sewer liners and snakes

    I recently ran into a job where I was using my cable to open a backed up line, the line has a sewer liner in it, I ended up chewing up some of the liner. I wanted to know who should be held responsible ? I ended up having to bite the costs.
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    Basement Bathroom sink rough in, where to tie in the sink?

    Hi all, Not new to reading the forum, but new to posting. We are finishing our basement, and are now onto the bathroom plumbing. The shower drain and toilet drain have been roughed in underneath our foundation, but the sink is not, leaving us to best decide where to tie the sink drain in. Below...
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    Sewer smell from basement drain

    Hey all, I have a sewer drain from which I get a sewer smell from every weekend. The p-trap has water in it. The smell goes away when I pour water down it but it keeps coming back every week. The drain may or may not be conected to the weeping tile. The drain has debris in it as plumbers...
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    Rowhome built on spring - alternatives to sump pump?

    I was considering buying a rowhome in Baltmore that seems to be built on a spring. In the basement there is a sump pump with a backup pump. There is water visibly running into the sump pump at all times (it looks like two hoses are turned on and pouring into the pump) The pump empties into the...
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    Brand New Cast Iron shower drain already rusting

    We just got our bathroom remodeled, and a new shower built, and while sealing the grout I noticed that the Cast Iron drain was already rusting. We only used the shower once to test the faucet. What should we do? Is there any way to stop the spreading of rust? Taken through the drain cover...