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  1. R

    Adding Standpipe to Existing Utility Tub line

    Hello, I have an existing utility tub and previously drained my washing machine direct into the utility tub. I would like to add in a washing machine standpipe in addition to the utility tub, but I am unsure about how to design. I thought about either of the designs within the attached (A and...
  2. SteveWPBFL

    Drain pan drain - help identify

    Hello! I am working on a shower drain that has cracked on the insert piece that screws into the drain. I will attach some pictures. I have checked HD, Lowe’s, Ferguson Supply, Palm Beach Plumbing Supply and Next Plumbing supply and I cannot find this drain anywhere! Nor can I find a similar...
  3. B

    Are these drain lines installed correctly?

    I was curious if the laundry drain lines and vents are installed correctly in these photos. Eventually, a sink for a 1/2” bath will be added, but I wanted to see if anything needed to be fixed before going any further.
  4. A

    Bathroom Sink Draining Slowly

    Hey guys, I recently did a DIY plumbing project and I know it was kinda wonky. The short explanation: The new counter sat up too high and I needed to get creative to connect the drain. See this video and it will show what I did: My questions: 1) could it be our actual sink that isn't...
  5. M

    shower drain rough in help

    Hi everyone. I'm remodeling my master bathroom and wouldike some advices to how to relocate the shower drain and how I could connect it to the main sewer line. Thanks
  6. R

    Downstairs Toilet Bubble Explosion, Floor Drain Overflows -No Apparent Clog in Plumbing or Vent Pipe

    Hi all, This past Summer we purchased our first house, a split-level from the 1960's. With this purchase we had the sewer line inspected by camera and cleaned a couple months after we moved in. Since we've had the house, the basement toilet splashes when upstairs toilet is flushed. These...
  7. J

    New sink drain not lining up with P trap

    Just had a new sink installed in my bathroom and the drain hole on this new sink is centered compared to my old sink which was off center and further back. When I look underneath the sink the P trap is now sitting about 5" farther back and slightly to the left side from where the sink hole is...
  8. J

    Draining sink & washer to same standpipe?

    All, thanks in advance for the help. I’d like to add a utility sink near my washer. Currently there is one standpipe, shown in the picture and it does not vent through the roof, also no trap. Is it a big deal to drain both a sink and washer into the pipe? I planned to expand left [pic] for the...
  9. O

    My contractor is stumped! Need a creative solution...

    Hi all, Grateful to find you. I'm not an expert on anything... just trying to solve problems. Recently bought a house in the rocky Catskills, doing basic remodeling... but running into a problem figuring out how to drain the kitchen sink. The previous "solution" was a pipe that pumped the...
  10. C

    Stuck Tub Plunger Drain

    So I've got a plunger style drain in a tub. I can remove the top of the plunger, but in all of the videos i see, unscrewing the top also removes the whole unit. Well, it does not, and I'm left with the screw to remove it from the drain. The screw is stuck, and I cannot get any kind of...
  11. Z

    Sink gurgling

    Hello. I recently tried installing a garbage disposal in a sink that did not previously have one. The outlet for the garbage disposal sits slightly above the wall drain outlet. I never had gurgling in any of my drains in the house but began to have issues with only the kitchen sink gurgling on...
  12. Leif Olson

    Repair kitchen sink drain with an older non-3.5" small drain hole.

    I have nice big typical double kitchen sink, or so I thought. It has a standard 3.5" drain hole on the right side, but on the left side, the drain basket is molded into the stainless steel and the hole is only about 1-3/4" in diameter. The pipe just broke off at the threads which had just...
  13. A

    Bathtub snake going in wrong pipe?

    Homeowner trying to dislodge her own bathtub clog here. To catch you up, I usually use the short (22-24in?) plastic cleaning tool to get hair clogs out of my bathroom drain pipe. It's not working this time, the clog's too deep or big, so I tried using a plunger, which didn't work. I've moved on...
  14. Matt Wasielewski

    Toilet Downstairs Causing Leak Upstairs

    About two months ago a section of my kitchen cabinets started to receive a wet spot at the top or ceiling of the cabinet. I cut a hole in the drywall above the cabinet to see where the water was coming from. At first glance I thought it was condensation from Freon lines that I could see through...
  15. S

    Mystery Floor Drain

    Hey Plumbers - I could use some help identifying what's going on with this drain. Moved into a new place and the cats managed to pull up the floor drain cover since it wasn't screwed down and they'll mess with anything that isn't screwed down. This drain's in the basement floor near the washing...
  16. U

    Trap Primer Reversing?

    Hello! The plastic hose coming off our basement laundry tap broke off. My research leads me to believe this is a trap primer. The thing is, the broken hose leaks water in the wrong direction even while no longer attached to the tap. Could it be something else? The drip is not constant or...
  17. M

    Dishwasher across from Sink

    Help! I am looking to install a new dishwasher across from my sink by running draining lines through my floor to the stack across my basement. Total distance is less than 10ft. How you you advise hook up as I’m trying to keep the dishwasher as close to wall as possible Thanks! Mike
  18. P

    Smelly Sink/Vent

    I have a little sink with very tight clearances and several months after the completed house I noticed a foul smell and traced it to a small sink in a small bathroom. The plumber suggested I put a p trap in the wall in addition to the bottle trap on the sink. I have isolated the smell to this...
  19. J

    Standing Drain or "Standpipe" Pressure issue?

    Hello, My block was recently pummeled by 3.5" of rain in less than two hours. There is a 45" standpipe in the only floor drain in the basement. My neighbors had sewage backup, i did not because of the standpipe. I might have gotten it worse - it seems as though a crack in the floor started...
  20. J

    Add washing machine drain

    I would like to add a washing machine drain to our laundry area. Currently, the drain goes into the sink but I am looking for a cleaner method. Looking at the picture, the sink drains into the largest pipe and has a vent that is the left verticle pipe. The middle verticle pipe goes into the...