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  1. N

    P Trap too close to drain

    Hi all, I'm trying to install an autofilling and draining dog water bowl. The directions were simple enough and came with all the associated plumbing parts, however, where I intend to install it may or may not be a challenge. When I opened up the wall I had no room between the p trap and drain...
  2. H

    Shower Drain Help! [Pics]

    Hi guys, I am obviously new to the forum, but it looks like there is a lot of knowledge here. As such, I am looking for some help with a shower base I am trying to install over concrete. Basically I don’t have much room to work with fittings, so I am hoping someone can suggest me a best route to...
  3. J

    Connecting mini split condensation drain to main. Vent or no?

    Hi all, Looking for wisdom regarding configuration before I drywall. Is there any watch outs with this setup? Should I tee in a vent at beginning of line? House is 8 years old in Canada. Thanks in advance!
  4. K

    Drain and vents

    I am trying to plumb a sink a toilet in an old laundry room location. The old laundry room has a drain that goes into a pit. I know I have to dig up the floor to get a toilet pipe in to run to the pit in the floor. The pit is located behind the slop sink. There already is an existing vent in the...
  5. M

    Benefit from an air admittance valve

    Could I benefit from a local valve vent to help with my slow drain? Single sink drain system, but note the height of the rear wall outlet to the disposal. Whole system is vented thru the roof.
  6. D

    Septic Overflow Protection?

    I have a septic system and have been close to overflowing a couple times into the house, and would like to put in an "overflow protection system" in my garage. My thought is to pipe the septic drain line into the garage, then have a P-Trap there with an open top that is lower than the lowest...
  7. R

    Old tub drain leaking

    We discovered a leak at a joint where the tub drains. House was built in 60s and the drain lines under the slab are cast iron. Not sure what going on where the leak is.. Looks like maybe copper to cast iron. The pipe with the weird flat flange must be part of a trap - holding water. Any...
  8. K

    Converting dual sink to single sink

    I purchased a new single drain sink to replace an old dual drain sink that came with the house built 30 years ago. Currently, there's a 3 way drain extension with 2 of the forks going to p traps with the middle fork being plugged with a clean out cap. would I need to somehow remove or cut...
  9. A

    Can I add a washer and connect to drain under a sink?

    I have a utility sink. Id like to put a clothes washer in the next room along the same wall. My question, can i punch thru the wall with some piping and connect the drainage from the washer to the existing drain lines under the sink? Bad drawing attached. Hoping for any advice if this is...
  10. C

    Will my sink work? Fixture location question.

    I had to demo a bathroom laundry area due to a leak in my 70 year old house, now I am taking the opportunity to remodel. I am an intrepid diy’er, if I have a plan and I know the steps, I can do the work. I have included a photo to show roughly the plan of where I’d like to put things. The pipe...
  11. Ars Glonalin

    Is this 3-sink drain connection legit?

    Hi all. My friend works in a new government building. She was checking out the self-sevice cafe when she heard unusual noise from the sinks. Apparently there are three that drain to the point in the photo. I've never heard of an interior drain 'hookup' like this one! Does this somehow meet code...
  12. cyclone1

    Tie in new deep sink

    Hello and thanks for any help you can provide, I am planning on adding a deep sink in by basement and will need to drain it using a drain pump. Was planning on using the Liberty Pump 1/3 HP Submersible Compact/Low Profile Drain Pump Model #404. I am not sure where the best place is to tie into...
  13. D

    Tub drain without a trap -no room

    Folks, I started smelling sewer gas in the bath in our basement bathroom. I identified the source as the tub drain. I crawled into the cabinet on the floor and discovered there’s no trap for the drain, and it appears it wasn’t installed because there is no room for one. Are there any...
  14. J

    Bathroom Sink Overflow Drain Replacement

    I'm in the middle of replacing a faucet kit that my friend bought for her very old home. I want to replace the sink drain that came with the new Moen faucet kit. After some turning and twisting, I have loosened the old one but still can't disconnect it. I have loosened the seal which you see...
  15. jasongagnon

    Drain Issue - How to filter, stop rocks from entering...

    Hello, Outside, at the bottom of my stairs there is a drain and grate, I am wondering if there is any thing that can be placed either inside or on top that would stop sediments (small rocks) from blocking the drain. I find that after 3-5 years I have to use a snake to drain the line and I am...
  16. K

    What is the name for the pump that's like a sump, but it's for basement waste?

    Not a plumber here, but man have I got a problem! Built this house (someone else did) almost 9 years ago. Had him put all the fixtures for water for a basement bathroom (thinking ahead) So we eventually did put in a bathroom, with toilet, shower and sink. Also a washer. He called the pump a...
  17. O

    Venting with AAVs

    We have a new house under construction, small project for my retirement. I made a short video of the layout, I would greatly appreciate anyone telling me what part of the venting system would violate code: Small change to the video - the inspector said that I needed at least 3" of natural...
  18. A

    Washer Drain Install

    Hello all. Hope you can help. We are doing some remodeling and part of that is installing a new washer drain box. There is a half bath right beside the laundry room so the plan is to tie into the existing drain and water lines. However, I have ran into some issues. First the cobbling of copper...
  19. d-marbles

    Does anyone recognize this canister connected to shower drain line?

    I'm hoping someone can identify this cast iron canister connected to the drain line of a stand-up shower in a house built in the 1940's, it's about 5.5 inches (14cm) tall, has a removable top and has no markings that I can see. I wouldn't bother, but the drain began leaking and I need to know...