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  1. L

    Quick fix for broken sink drain Pipe/p trap

    Hi, I am looking for a quick and dirty fix for this broken pvc, It is connected to a Tee inside the wall that goes to the sewer and the sewer vent
  2. P

    Is this product suitable as a solvent cement for abs pipes?

    I have this at home: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tangit-125-Gr-Sticker-Glue-Special-Henkel-Pipes-PVC-ABS-Wallcovering-Repair-Seal-/163993385693?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c10 and I need to solvent-weld these abs drain piping...
  3. J

    New sink drain not lining up with P trap

    Just had a new sink installed in my bathroom and the drain hole on this new sink is centered compared to my old sink which was off center and further back. When I look underneath the sink the P trap is now sitting about 5" farther back and slightly to the left side from where the sink hole is...
  4. B

    kitchen drain issue

    Hi, I have an older (1965) ranch style home with a slab foundation, with 1 3/4 bathrooms (1 full bath, 1 with only shower stall). All bathroom plumbing works well. The plumbing was replaced with copper at some point, but I don't know when or have any details since it was prior to my purchase...
  5. C

    No washer drain pipe? Help!

    I just moved into a brand new house and I'm used to having the washer drain pipe between the hot/cold water pipes. There is not one, only the drainage pan pipe. Am I missing something? There is a pipe in the middle of the wall but its sealed. Any help would be appreciated.(See Pics)
  6. S

    How to remove old wall flange and drain pipe

    Hi All - I am trying to replace our bathroom drain piping (total beginner) but not sure how to remove this last piece of pipe that connects to the wall pipe (see pictures). The piping in the walls is probably about 20-25 years old and looks to be PVC (not sure). In any case, I don't know how to...
  7. Torin

    Reasonable labor cost for sink, pipes, disposal, and faucet?

    Hi, We live in Arizona (not sure if that matters) and we are remodeling our kitchen. We're having new countertops put in with a new undermount sink provided by the fabricator. The fabricator installs the sink basin of course and we are responsible for everything else. Given the age and poor...
  8. P

    Roots in Drain Under Foundation

    At my home I have a large mass of roots in the ABS pipe. This is located under the concrete slab at ground level about 4ft from the toilet flange. I ran a rooter through the roots and hired a plumping company to inspect with a sewer camera. They recommend digging through the concrete and...
  9. M

    CI Main to PVC need advice, and strange connection

    Trying to determine all that's involved in replacing existing cracked cast iron main drain with PVC. Found the crack causing the leak on the 1st floor just below the kitchen ceiling. I noticed something odd (lack of expertise) branching off the cast iron pipe over the kitchen ceiling. And...
  10. G

    Adding laundry sink, need advice for drain. Much appreciated!

    Hi All, First - thank you in advance for your reply! I am adding a laundry sink and wanted to get some advice on how I can add the drain into the existing washer drain pipe. The standpipe for the washer drain has a trap close to the floor that connects to the big drain pipe for the house. I...