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  1. F

    Need to get a model number for this delta faucet

    I need to repair this faucet, need model number or repair kit, or cartridge number that I can pop in. Can’t find it on the delta site. Have three in the house. Please help :) -Floyd
  2. N

    Delta kitchen faucet leak: driving me crazy!

    I've done my fair share of plumbing repairs over the years. Our kitchen faucet is leaking under the sink. This is a 23 year-old Delta 2-handle faucet with sprayer, 2174 series, I think. I have the original installation/parts sheet. I ruled out the sprayer itself as the leak source by swapping in...
  3. M

    Cartridge Replacement with Shared Main

    My tub faucet is dripping constantly (Delta from early 90's). I live in a condo with shared water main and supposed to ask the HOA to notify the neighbors before shutting off the water. So I would like to find out the replacement cartridge's part/model number and purchase it beforehand to keep...
  4. carboncow

    Help me identify this Delta shower cartriage

    Having the worst time matching this up via visual on the intertubes. Don't want to take it apart until I go the new one on the way but this appears to be enough image for a pro to know the model. Thx.
  5. MichMich

    *** Shower hear dripping water ***

    Hello, I have an old 2003 Delta shower handle. And I had just replaced (yesterday) the cartridge (Delta replacement from Lowe's). I watched Delta youtube video and did exactly what they said to do. But, my shower head is still dripping water... Please advise. Michael
  6. J

    Help - Can't unscrew flared end of Delta Kitchen Faucet

    Hello All. After speaking to a Delta faucet rep recently, I'm writing here to doublecheck what I was told. Reason being that I feel like I'm going to break my kitchen faucet soon if I keep applying force. The faucet is a Delta Victorian 155-RBWF SINGLE HANDLE KITCHEN FAUCET. It has a fancy...
  7. N

    New tub/shower valve installed without mounting bracket

    I had a new tub surround and shower valve installed. The brackets used to mount the valve (see photo) in the wall were not used. At this point, I've let the installer go and have no way to attach the escutcheon plate to the wall of the shower since there are no screw holes. An extensive google...
  8. Krystle

    Mystery Leak from Shower

    Hi there, I have a mystery leak in the wall behind my shower, which I'm hoping someone here can help me shed light on! This is the shower kit I have: We have a small trap access in the next room. which allows us to see in to the...
  9. H

    New shower stall--water wont turn off

    Hi- A neighbor installed new plumbing for me in a shower stall after I removed the tub. I cannot get the brand new body to control the flow of water. Its a Delta shower unit, and I think that the cartridge is installed correctly. I bought a backup cartridge, but before I go that route wanted...
  10. G

    Old delta scald guard won’t turn off. Need help with ID and next steps

    Hey everyone, thanks in advance for any help you can offer Right now this shower won’t turn off. In the OFF position, it will fully flow cold water. When I then turn the knob ON, it will flow hot water as well. Turn the knob off again and it will go back to cold. To stop the flow i turned off...
  11. K

    Removal of a Tub Spout that’s Older than Me

    Hello all! I recently decided to take on the job of replacing the shower fixtures (save for the shower head) in my grandparents’ guest bathroom. The house was built in 1984 and still has its Delta 600 series shower handle and all. I’ve done my research and gotten all of my tools and materials...
  12. H

    New Delta Faucet Handle Squeaks

    We purchased a new Delta kitchen faucet from Home Depot (Canada) about 6 weeks ago. We noticed it started making gentle squeaking sounds when the handles were turned. The squeaking sounds were like rubber rubbing against something in the handle or cartridge - you could feel this as you turned...