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  1. DIYEnthusiast

    Male Adapters & Ball Valve Soldered Correctly onto Cold-water Inlet & Hot-water Outlet Pipes?

    Seeking second opinions on whether joints/connections look secure. Recently had a plumber do the following: (1) Remove corrugated copper pipes and solder on male adapters for stainless-steel connector. (2) Remove old cold-water supply shut off valve and solder on lead-free copper-alloy ball...
  2. G

    PVC to Cast leak

    Today I finally caved and had a plumber replace my main 4” cast in the basement. On top of being very messy and not cleaning up, they left me with a leak. I assume they caulked this with lead and oakum. Is this the preferred method? Why not just cut it slightly before the wye and use a Fernco...
  3. H

    Need advice on moving my kitchen sink water source

    Need some advice. I'm a DIY handyman-type (taught myself drywall, tiling, etc.) but have never done any sort of plumbing install. I am updating my kitchen cabinets. I am replacing a 36" wide double sink with a 24" wide fireclay sink (wife's choice so changing that is not an option.) The issue...
  4. T

    Replacing 1/2" copper with PEX - Guidance Please

    I am planning to retrofit the ½” copper water lines in my house basement (typical mid 60s suburban home) from the entrance line after the water meter (in the basement) and all the various runs in my basement joists to the hot water tank, stationary tubs, to the vertical risers that supply...