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    Cold Water not going into Tank

    I recently replaced my water heater and also the hoses that connect to the pipes in the wall. I did have to reem on the wall pipes pretty good, but do not feel I broke or bent then in any way. However, with everything connected and ready to go, I turn on the cold water valve, and it flows for...
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    no cold water in shower

    so we just bought a hous about a year back and i have always put the mixer in the same position. now its 100 degrees out and after cutting the lawn i did not want the shower as hot. no matter how far i turn it it just gets hotter. the pipes going to the shower in the basment look good and i can...
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    Have to manually light pilot a hour before i need hot water

    I have to manually light pilot and wait a hour or so to get hotwater. It does not turn on automatically and keep the water in it hot. The pilot works in manual and the water heats up but if i come back 12 or 24 hours later for a hotshower the water is cold again and I have to light the pilot...