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    What happens if the flange knockout cap goes down the toilet pipe??

    I live in the city and I'm remodeling my upstairs bathroom. My flange knockout cap accidentally went down the 4in ASB pipe. How serious of an issue is this? What do I need to do to get it out? I've gotten some mixed answers. I had a plumber come and he scoped it out and found it to be about...
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    Bathroom Sink Draining Slowly

    Hey guys, I recently did a DIY plumbing project and I know it was kinda wonky. The short explanation: The new counter sat up too high and I needed to get creative to connect the drain. See this video and it will show what I did: My questions: 1) could it be our actual sink that isn't...
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    Toilet terrors. House with on-standard everything. Help!

    I had some water on my floor by the toilet. Classic symptom of a failing wax ring, right? Went to my local HD and got me a standard wax ring. Gonna empty the water, disconnect the water feed, spin up the nuts, pull the toilet, scrape and replace the ring, replace the post and bolts reattach...
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    Bathtub snake going in wrong pipe?

    Homeowner trying to dislodge her own bathtub clog here. To catch you up, I usually use the short (22-24in?) plastic cleaning tool to get hair clogs out of my bathroom drain pipe. It's not working this time, the clog's too deep or big, so I tried using a plunger, which didn't work. I've moved on...
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    Regular Toilet/Shower Drain Clogs

    I live in a split-level house and have lived here for about 6 years. The bathroom in the basement was redone - likely by a DIY'er - before we bought the house. Periodically, over the last three years the waste vent will clog and backup both the shower and the toilet. I believe it's also...
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    Kitchen Sink Issues

    Help! so i have a 1957 Ranch house which is bound to have some degree of issues, and right now it is my kitchen sink. The issues seem to have come out of nowhere. I've never had any issues with drainage and would like to fix it myself if at all possible. I have a garbage disposal on the left and...
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    Funky nagging toilet issue-backing up and slow draining-all intermittent.

    Ok here goes. I have a 3 story home with a bathroom on each floor and all are above each other which I assume that means they are on a shared drain line and vent stack. Im having a devil of a time figuring out what the real issue is thats troubling the toilets. I keep thinking I have a venting...
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    Toilet not flushing, shower is gurgling/bubbling, and smells like poop

    Hello - first time poster! Per my subject line, I tried flushing my downstairs toilet and it was clogged. Then... the shower started gurgling as well and making bubbling sounds. I am thinking it is due to a clog with my wife's hair. What can I do to try to fix this? Thanks in advance.
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    Is This a Backwater Valve Cover? How to get it off?

    After confirming that the main line and the city/county portion of the lateral from our backwater valve to the street are clear, they camera'ed from the backwater valve back to the house. It revealed what is believed to ba another backwater valve in my basement. This is a 95+ year old house...
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    Grease in sewer sump – Identification?

    Hi folks, I have a question for any knowledgable professionals regarding grease accumulation in a sump for a mixed-use building. There are 90 units in total – 70 residential and 20 commercial. Three of the commercial units are small class 1 restaurants. Here's the question: Is there any way a...
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    Bathroom sink connected to an opposing double kitchen sink, not draining: vacuumed, snaked, plunged.

    The title pretty much says it all. I've got a bathroom sink that wouldn't drain. After working on it for a bit I realized it's connected to a double kitchen sink on the other side of the wall. I've suck 'em both with the wet/dry vac, I've plugged and plunged 'til I was blue in the face (and...
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    Washer Drain Issue

    Summary: Water leaks from where wall meets floor when washer drains. Smells of sewage, appears to be earth/clay 1.5'-2.0' down washer drain. Trying to identify issue, may cut up concrete soon. Washer in the basement 100+ year old construction. Washer drain goes directly into the...
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    Clogged upstairs shower drain, finding pea gravel

    We have a mystery. The upstairs shower is not draining, and is completely clogged. The house is 8 years old, connected to city sewer, with no known problems downstream. All other drains in the house, including the downstairs shower, show no signs of problems. When I plunged this drain, it...
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    A/C Condensation line

    Line became clogged and some water backed up onto the floor yesterday. I poured bleach into the line yesterday to help clear the line then I vacuumed the line with a shop vac this morning. I turned the unit back on at the thermostat but it does not come on again. Suggestions??
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    How to properly add air vent to bathroom pop up drain

    Pop up drain bathroom sink by David s posted Apr 29, 2018 at 9:00 AM How to i properly add an air vent for my bathroom sink. Water fills up, the lines cleaned up, my whole sewer lines new, and its pretty obvious that pressure is building up at P trap due to lack of air vent