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    shower caulk leak?

    i bought a house over a month ago now and just recently noticed this ugly brown puddle coming from a weird spot on the tub. i chased the pipes in the basement and i dont think theres anything in that wall for pipes the sink is the closest thing and its off that wall. my questions are what are...
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    Sealing skirted bathtub

    There are plenty of tutorials for sealing/caulking bathtubs. However, my bathtub has a kind of skirting around its edge, as in picture: How do I go about that? Should I caulk both edges? I plan to use standard silicone, would that be good for both? Is there any particular I should keep in mind...
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    Drain in Shower Pan - Suspicious Caulking

    We are new-ish home owners and noticed some peeling caulk/putty on our shower pan drain. I watched some videos which made it seem like peeling "outer" rim is caulking that wasn't wiped off when the drain was installed. However I can't figure out why on earth they caulked the inner part unless...