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  1. F

    Replacing Danze Shower Cartridge

    The hot water pressure was almost non-existent. So we bought a new cartridge to replace the current one. It’s a Danze. The new cartridge looks exactly like the old one, except the long metal part is more round. From what I understand that just means we will need a different handle. The problem...
  2. carboncow

    Help me identify this Delta shower cartriage

    Having the worst time matching this up via visual on the intertubes. Don't want to take it apart until I go the new one on the way but this appears to be enough image for a pro to know the model. Thx.
  3. D

    Using Faucet Cartridge Without Limiter

    Hello all and thank you in advance for the help. My bathtub faucet has been either providing lukewarm water or running low on hot water fairly quickly the last month or so. I think it was always cooler temperatures than other fixtures in the house, but it has become a problem recently. All...
  4. G

    Need Diameter of Moen 121549 Faucet Ceramic Disk Cartridge.

    Need diameter of Moen 121549 single lever faucet ceramic disk cartridge, no specs from Moen. https://www.moen.ca/products/Commercial/Commercial_1_Handle_Ceramic_Disc_Cartridge_Models_8413_series/121549
  5. NWTennesseean

    Lubricating inside of a 2-handle faucet cartridge

    Is it ok to take apart a 2-handle faucet cartridge (Delta, Valley, etc) and put silicone lubricant on the inner stem and also on the inner o-ring that the stem goes thru? Or is it best to leave the innards alone and just lubricate the exterior o-ring and seat? I know the stem turns within this...
  6. Tomek

    Channel faucet replacement cartridge

    I have what look like off brand channel faucet, And in both of the the carriage has broke in the some way :) Has any one see this type of cartridge ? Any Idea who makes them or if there are alternatives that I can put in ?
  7. P

    Crooked Valve - What's Going On Here??

    Hello all, in need of help! So I buy this classic single lever delta trim kit and try to install it, but after installing it (I did it without swapping out the old cartridge at first), notice that the handle is not like its supposed to be on the box..on the box it's supposed to be at a 90...
  8. M

    Need help identifying cartridge

    This cartridge has a built in nut attached to it and does not seperate. Dont know the brand, and they dont sell it at the parts store. I went to Home Depot and Alright plumbing.
  9. Krystle

    Mystery Leak from Shower

    Hi there, I have a mystery leak in the wall behind my shower, which I'm hoping someone here can help me shed light on! This is the shower kit I have: https://secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com/docresources/818/20/204741.pdf We have a small trap access in the next room. which allows us to see in to the...
  10. G

    Help with shower Cartridge model and removal process

    Hi, My bath shower is not giving enough hot water. I am looking to change the cartridge but I don't know the process and cartridge model number of it. This is the first time I am trying to do this. Can someone able to help me with? 1. What is the Cartridge model by looking at the pics? 2. What...
  11. F

    Can I replace a sink cartridge with dripping shut off valves?

    Hello. So long story short I noticed my sink beginning to leak as it’s turned off. It’s an old Moen and I read I will need to replace the cartridge. I get the part, begin to turn the main shut offs under the sink and I am getting a little drop still. Can I still replace the cartridge even with...
  12. M

    Shower Stall Moen Single-Faucet Leaking

    Good evening! First time ever in my life that I've joined a forum!! Red letter day for me. :) Just today, the Moen single-faucet handle area of my shower stall started leaking. My question is this: what is the urgency of getting this fixed (besides wasting water..)? I have been sick recently and...
  13. J

    Hard to identify Shower cartridge

    All, I have not been able to identify the cartridge for my shower. The home was built in 2008 and cheaper fixtures were used by the modular manufacturer. I have been to every hardware and plumbing supply store in a 30 mile radius around my home, not one place has been able to identify the...
  14. 1

    Cartridge identification?

    Can anyone help with identifying the brand of cartridge? We just moved into a condo and the shower faucet was leaking. Single handle, no part numbers or names on this or any of the shower trim, I don't even know what brand the faucet is, local plumbing supply company could not identify either.
  15. S

    Cant remove upstairs hot water cartridge

    So the hot water in only my upstairs shower barely trickles hot water out. After a little research I found it to be just replacing a cartridge. When I got to removing the cartridge I hit a snag. Their was no locking clip only a locking nut/metal cover, that I took off but the cartridge wont move...
  16. M

    Hot water cartridge replacement

    I am new to DIY plumbing projects. I am replacing the hot water cartridge in my shower but can not get it installed correctly as no matter what I seem to do the hot water will not turn off at the faucet once I turn the hot water on in the basement. I am open to any and all suggestions...
  17. C

    Cannot Find Cartridge for Bathroom Faucet

    Hi all, Bought a house in 2016 and have a leaky faucet. Plumber told me the cartridge needs replacing. It is a relatively new sink but I cannot find model numbers anywhere. I will try to contact the sellers to see if they have a clue where they bought it but they were not very friendly/helpful...